Paw Spa Dog Tub Concept by Emil Blanco

Paw Spa dog tub concept was born to answer the need of pet owners who live in urban area to have a proper place to bathe and groom their pets properly. If you live in an apartment, the only option left for you to groom your dog is in your bathroom or take your dog to professional pet salon.

Paw Spa Dog Tub by Emil Blanco

Designed by Emil Blanco, this dog tub concept offers an easy and affordable way to bathe your pet from your own home. Paw Spa dog tub has been designed with many features almost as the same as the one your professional groomers have. Unfortunately this dog tub is only a concept, wonder when we can actually buy this product.

Paw Spa Dog Tub by Emil Blanco

Paw Spa Dog Tub by Emil Blanco

Paw Spa Dog Tub by Emil Blanco

Paw Spa Dog Tub by Emil Blanco

via [Tuvie]

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  • is the water pump and sprayer just a concept too? Or or they available for purchase somewhere?

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