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AquaClear Power Filter Allows You to Control The Flow Rate Without Sacrificing Its Filtration Efficiency

AquaClear Power Filter is a hang-on filter which offers different types for different aquarium sizes. You can choose from 5 popular aquarium sizes: 20-gallons, 30-gallons, 50-gallons, 70-gallons, and 110-gallons model, just pick the one that fits your aquarium size. Its filter media system consists of patented, innovative re-circulation grip and multi-filter media stacking, the energy efficient pumps saves you from high operation costs. The company claims its filtration volume is 6-7 times larger than comparable filters in the current market, the flow control reduces the flow by 50% without damaging the filter’s motor. Quick and easy installation is another plus point for beginners who want to use this device to keep the aquarium water clean and healthy.

AquaClear Power Filter

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50 Black Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Bio-Balls Filtration for Oxygenating The Water and Gas Exchange Process

50 Black Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Bio-Balls Filtration is small but effective filtration filter for your aquarium. It’s made of plastic with high performance stuffing, perfect for oxygenating your water while helping gas exchange process. Each ball features around ¾-inch diameter and weight about 236gram. Each pack comes with 50 balls that you can place in a black mesh bag and put it inside your filter. Whether you have freshwater or saltwater fish tank, this balls are ideal for both types.

50 Black Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Bio-Balls Filtration

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