Crestuff Automatic Portion Control Pet Feeder Controls Your Pet Diet Easier

Having a large dog or cat, you need to ensure your furry friend gets enough daily food intake while you are away, you don’t want to risk your pet to get malnutrition or overfeeding. Crestuff Automatic Portion Control Pet Feeder is a large capacity feeder that holds up to 45 cups of pet food or 10.65 liter, you can set 4 separate feeding day time and for over 90 scheduled meals. It depends on the size of your pet, you can set the portion size from ¼ to 2-1/2 cups, just make sure you get the ideal proportion to keep your pet healthy.

When your pet misses you, they can hear your voice, thanks to built-in microphone and speaker that allow you to record personal message for each feeding time. The easy-to-read LCD display provides you with clear viewing to setup the command, the clock is displayed with 2 formats: 12hr or 24hr, the alarm turns on when scheduled feeding time expires. You can also trigger it to feed your pet manually.

Crestuff Automatic Portion Control Pet Feeder

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Summer Decorative Wood and Metal 5 Foot Pressure Mounted Gate Contains Your Dog in Stylish Way

If you’re looking for modern gate to keep your dogs away from dangerous area in the house, you should consider this attractive Summer Decorative Wood and Metal 5 Foot Pressure Mounted Gate. This is ideal gate to use to contain your dog in certain area, for example to keep the dog out of kitchen, you don’t want your dog to get hurt. This gate is made from high quality wood and metal, the combination makes it pretty stylish, you can adjust it up to 5-foot wide for better security without damaging the wall.

Summer Decorative Wood and Metal 5 Foot Pressure Mounted Gate

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Modern For Gimli Dog Den Features Pyramid Shape Combined with Teepee Shape

For Gimli Dog Den is a modern and beautiful dog house, a perfect hideaway for your furry pal. Each house has been crafted from solid walnut with solid brass detailing for elegance touch along with bright color panel option. The form of this product is pretty unique, it plays on the iconic pyramid combined with teepee shape, your dog will be comfortable in style inside its stylish house.

For Gimli Dog Den by Gamla

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Cat Tunnel Collapsible 3 Way Tunnel With 3 Bonus Toys

Cats love to race inside a tunnel, that’s why it makes sense to have Cat Tunnel Collapsible 3 Way Tunnel to entertain your feline friend. It comes with 3 bonus toys, even when Christmas is over, your cat will still think it’s Christmas. This tunnel is a great thing to have especially when you have overweight cat, as your cat running around inside the tunnel, your cat is getting great exercise and happy. It’s easy to set up as well as store, you can simply fold it away when not in use or wash it down with garden hose to clean it.

This tunnel features 50-inch length with 10-inch diameter. Don’t be surprised when you watch your cat just can’t stop racing through this tunnel, it’s a great toy for an active cat, because unlike those straight tunnel toys, this one is split to 3 entrances/exits, it would be fun to watch.

Cat Tunnel Collapsible 3 Way Tunnel

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Oxbow Cavy Cuisine for Adult Guinea Pig Uses Timothy Hay

Adult guinea pigs need high fiber food which is available in Oxbow Cavy Cuisine. It’s a complete pet food with lower level of protein, calories, and calcium, because adult guinea pigs don’t work at the same level as younger one. They require balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio and fiber to maintain healthy body. This pet food is made of timothy grass meal that offers optimum stabilized nutrition.

Many customers agree that Oxbow Cavy Cuisine is your best choice nutritionally since there are not many companies out there that use timothy hay. If you are currently feeding your guinea pigs another brand, you might want to slowly switch to this one. We highly recommend that you read the guide written on the packaging for effectively swapping out the old food to this healthier one, please don’t switch immediately just like that, your pet might stop eating.

Oxbow Cavy Cuisine Adult Guinea Pig

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Pet Fit 4 Life Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate – Hip and Joint Pain Relief For Dogs

Pet Fit 4 Life Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate features the same quality ingredients as the famous Nutramax Dasuquin, it helps to keep your dog’s hip and joint healthy. Just in case you’re running out of your Nutramax Dasuquin, you might want to check this supplement as an alternative. Each product contains MSM and sulfate which have been proven to maximum pain relief for arthritis in dogs, the company recommends you to use 2/day dosage as a start or 1/day dosage for maintenance.

Join supplements are important for dogs, especially elderly dogs to maintain healthy tissue and cartilage. If you love your dog, the last thing you want to see is when your best furry friend having trouble in climbing the stairs, running, or jumping.

Pet Fit 4 Life Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate - Hip and Joint Pain Relief For Dogs

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Weatherproof DOGTEK Sonic BirdHouse Bark Control For Both Outdoor and Indoor

At first sight of DOGTEK Sonic BirdHouse Bark Control, people might think it’s a toy birdhouse. It looks and works great, each unit is very well built to help you control unwanted barking from either your furry friend or your neighbor’s dogs. This unit features 3 built-in bark sensors with 1 XL ultrasonic loudspeaker, it is able to detect barking up to 50-feet away. You can set the sensitivity levels to indicate what barking level should activate this device. Most people need this device not to control their dogs, but the neighbor’s dogs. Yes, we can control our dogs but unfortunately other people don’t really care or try to stop their dogs from barking excessively, if these people are your neighbor, then, you should install this device with the sensors pointing at your neighbor’s house.

DOGTEK Sonic BirdHouse Bark Control For Both Outdoor and Indoor

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Rocco & Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator Leaves Your House Smell Fresh

As a dog owner, I’m pretty sure all dog owners have to deal with their dogs pee on carpet/bed/floor at some point before they are potty trained. Cleaning the stain and odor is not as easy as it looks, most of the time, you might be able to cover the stain but the odor comes back after a day or two. After reading many reviews, it seems that Rocco & Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator has won the hearts of many customers.

Based on many satisfied customers, this product works like a charm. It requires special product to clean up pet’s urine, soap and water are not enough, they won’t be able to eliminate the odor due to urine crystals. You need professional strength cleaner that uses special enzymes to break down those odor-causing urine crystals and leave your house smells fresh again.

Rocco & Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator

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Heads or Tails Dog Accessory Set by Nendo

These 3 piece dog accessory set has been designed by Japanese design studio Nendo for PEN, Japanese lifestyle magazine. This accessory set consists of a unique dog bed, dishes, and toys, the artificial leather bed turns into a little hut when your dog burrows inside it and then transforms into a cushion when your dog lies on top. The dishes are also beautifully designed; they are reversible so that you can use the shallow dish for food and the deeper dish for water. The silicone rubber bone toy can be reshaped into a ball simply by tucking in the 2 ends. The toy is pretty cool, it is constructed of triangular panels connected in polygon mesh. There are 2 color options available: white or black, so, it is easy to blend with your existing home interiors.

Heads or Tails Dog Accessory Set

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Slo-Bowls : Slow Feeders for Dogs

Eating slowly and naturally is as important as feeding your dog natural food, however, some dogs eat their food in only seconds which lead to digestive issues and obesity. Slo-Bowls are smart dog feeders to force your furry friends to eat slower, the way nature intended, just like their wolf ancestors were accustomed to food scarcity. Do you know that this fast eating habit is responsible for serious health issues such as bloat that kills around 20,000 dogs/year. Eating too fast can also lead to canine obesity, thus, increasing your dog of getting cardiac disease, heat stroke, or respiratory conditions.

Slo-Bowls : Slow Feeders for Dogs

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