Crown Majestic Diamond Series V2 Automatic Pet Feeder Features Water and Food Dispenser in One Unit

A combination of a water dispenser and a dry pet food dispenser in one, Crown Majestic Diamond Series V2 Automatic Pet Feeder. It’s a flexible feeder since it runs on electricity or batteries, your choice. If you’ve read our review about PetSafe food and water station system, you realize that Crown Majestic actually combines 2 dispensers in one. Suitable for both dogs and cats, this device features simple automatic program which automatically dispense ¼, ½, ¾, 1, or 2 cups of pet food, it’s pretty accurate despite the size of the kibble. You setup and read the information from backlit LCD display that informs you about time and number of meals per day.

Record your voice for about 12 seconds to alert your dog or cat when the food is ready, in this way, your pet would know it’s time to eat even though you’re away from home.

Crown Majestic Diamond Series V2 Automatic Pet Feeder

Made from durable ABS material, this feeder is eco-friendly and socially responsible. The water bottle is detachable for easy cleaning, including the water and food bowl. It’s a great feeder with simple feeding schedule program, it doesn’t make a lot of noise when dispensing kibbles, so when you schedule this sometime at night, it won’t bother your sleep.

The customer support itself responds very quick, so be sure that you keep your receipt just in case you experience some issues with this unit, the company will replace it at no cost. Crown Majestic Diamond Series V2 Automatic Pet Feeder is a new product which worth considering, especially when have multiple pets at home.

Crown Majestic Diamond Series V2 Automatic Pet Feeder

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