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Mag Float Floating Magnet Aquarium Cleaner Makes Cleaning Your Fish Tank Easy

If you have aquarium and don’t want to wet your arms when cleaning, then Mag Float Floating Magnet Aquarium Cleaner can be really handy for you. This is revolutionary new magnet cleaner floats, there’s no need to use string and you don’t need to reach until the bottom of your aquarium to get it. You don’t need to fight your magnet cleaner around the corners anymore, avoid any accidental knocking over your aquarium decorations, pretty cool heh?

Mag Float Floating Magnet Aquarium Cleaner

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Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer : Routine Water Changes Are Easier

Aqueon aquarium water changer helps you avoid any mess during changing the water of your aquarium. It’s been designed to make your routine water changes and vacuuming gravel effortlessly, for any level aquarists, no more carrying heavy and messy buckets. It is completed with water flow control to prevent spillage.

Based on other customer suggestions, we notice that you shouldn’t connect the hose to the part that goes on the faucet, wait until you have it screwed into the aerator hole, because it twists easier this way. Please remember to remove all of the coils out of the hose so that it lays flat before you use it every single time.

Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer

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