Top 5 Positive Aspects of Having a Reptile as a Pet

Top 5 Positive Aspects of Having a Reptile as a Pet Most parents are usually glad when their children choose to have a reptile as their first pet. Why? because reptiles are easier to maintain, unlike dogs or cats. If you watched Parenthood in the episode where Max chose a turtle to be his first pet, his father almost jumped in joy and whispered to his mom “ok good choice, turtle, easy to maintain”. Reptiles are exotic animals although compared to dogs, they have less fans, still you will find there are many positive aspects of having a reptile as a pet.

Just like other pets, you need to prepare a suitable habitat for your reptile, you can checkout our reptile supplies category to find affordable and high functional products. We also realize that many of you probably choose reptile as pet because your children ask you to. Please remember your children are still at the stage of learning to be responsible to their pet, in the end, you are the one who should be responsible for the reptile’s daily care, you need to participate in feeding, training and supervising your children reptile pet.

Here are Top 5 Positive aspects of having a reptile as a pet:

1. Low Maintenance and Responsibility
Isn’t it obvious? Just like we have explained above, having a reptile as a pet means you don’t need to walk your pet outside the house or clean its mess since your reptile will stay inside its habitat. Unlike dogs or cats that probably run loose inside your house.

2. Long lifespan
Most reptiles live longer than 15 years, but it depends on the breed as well. Do you know turtles have average lifespan of 50-100 years? Yes, they do live that long, unless you don’t provide proper care for them.

3. Skill to adapt\to its habitats
Reptiles’ skill to adapt to a wide range of habitat is very impressive. They are cold blooded animals (it doesn’t mean that they are cruel, it’s just their lifestyle) that can live high in mountains or below sea level. You will also find there are many reptiles live in desert.

4. Training
Reptiles can be trained to have good behavior. Just like mammals, they can recognize smell, voice and people. So, if you know how to train your reptile, then this ability is certainly one of positive aspects of having a reptile as a pet.

5. Low Cost
Most reptiles’ supplies are cheap. That’s why most people consider that reptile is a great pet for beginner pet owner like children. Reptiles basic needs such as food, habitat and accessories won’t cost you as much as if you had a mammal pet.

Those 5 positive aspects of having a reptile as a pet look pretty amazing right? However, being cheap, we really sad that most people consider reptiles are disposable. You need to teach your children to be responsible for their pet, because they need to learn to appreciate other living creatures. If you are interested to become a reptile owner then you should learn more about its environment, behavior, proper habitat and reproductive strategy. In this way, you can provide proper care and ensure your reptile’s health and happiness.

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