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Heads or Tails Dog Accessory Set by Nendo

These 3 piece dog accessory set has been designed by Japanese design studio Nendo for PEN, Japanese lifestyle magazine. This accessory set consists of a unique dog bed, dishes, and toys, the artificial leather bed turns into a little hut when your dog burrows inside it and then transforms into a cushion when your dog lies on top. The dishes are also beautifully designed; they are reversible so that you can use the shallow dish for food and the deeper dish for water. The silicone rubber bone toy can be reshaped into a ball simply by tucking in the 2 ends. The toy is pretty cool, it is constructed of triangular panels connected in polygon mesh. There are 2 color options available: white or black, so, it is easy to blend with your existing home interiors.

Heads or Tails Dog Accessory Set

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Slo-Bowls : Slow Feeders for Dogs

Eating slowly and naturally is as important as feeding your dog natural food, however, some dogs eat their food in only seconds which lead to digestive issues and obesity. Slo-Bowls are smart dog feeders to force your furry friends to eat slower, the way nature intended, just like their wolf ancestors were accustomed to food scarcity. Do you know that this fast eating habit is responsible for serious health issues such as bloat that kills around 20,000 dogs/year. Eating too fast can also lead to canine obesity, thus, increasing your dog of getting cardiac disease, heat stroke, or respiratory conditions.

Slo-Bowls : Slow Feeders for Dogs

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How to Remove Skunk Smell From Dog

Has your dog run into a skunk? The odor form a skunk is a very unpleasant one and you might be panicking but you can get the fouls smell off of your dog. Here’s a few tricks to get skunk smell off your dog. You can buy specific products at the store for this but when your dog is already covered in the skunk odor you want to get this off quickly. Here’s how to do this at home.

How to Remove Skunk Smell from DogYour First Step
Get to your dog quickly after the animal has been sprayed by the skunk. You want to get the skunk smell out of the coat quickly before it has a chance to dry as it will be difficult to remove once it has dried. The odor will go away eventually on its own but this could take weeks and it’s not a very pleasant thing to be around. If your dog has longer hair the smell will return if you’re pet gets wet.

Step Two
You will want to change into old clothes and get set to wash your dog. You’ll also want to use a pair of gloves. Make sure you contain the so so the animal can’t get not your home or you’ll have skunk smell everywhere.

Step Three
Use about two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid and about ¼ cups of baking soda. You also want to add two pints of hydrogen peroxide to a basin. If your dog is large just double this amount. You can sue your outdoor hose to get the dog wet and then work in the shampoo you have created with the ingredients. You may want to use a sponge or other items to help you shampoo the dog. Make sure you do a good job so you get all of the skunk smell out of the dog. The baking soda may fizz a bit but this is normal and not something to be alarmed about. Make sure you avoid the nose and the eyes of your dog while washing.

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