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API 645 Bird Bath Bowl with Tilt-to-Clean Deck Rail Mounting Bracket : Simply Tilt To Dump Dirty Water Out

Wild birds enjoy drinking and bathing in every pools of water, you can watch them in the morning whether it’s public fountain, water treatment reservoir, or any pothole. If you want to enjoy these birds company from your porch or backyard, you can install API 645 Bird Bath Bowl with tilt-to-clean deck rail mounting bracket. It’s practical birdbath which the basin is constructed in plastic with rim that is especially designed for natural talon gripping. You can mount the basin using a screw lamp bracket that fits deck railing, you don’t need any extra tool for installation, so simple and easy.

API 645 Bird Bath Bowl with Tilt-to-Clean Deck Rail Mounting Bracket

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First Nature Lantern Style Bird Bath and Waterer (3039) For Easy Cleaning and Refilling

Made in USA, First Nature Lantern Style Bird Bath and Waterer (3039) is an easy to clean birdbath and waterer that holds 100-ounces of water. It supplies all those wild birds with fresh water through its four pools. You can choose to hang this birdbath with included s-hook or mount it on 4×4 post (chain is not included), because every house backyard is different, therefore having this flexible option is a nice feature. Every week, you need to disassemble this birdbath for cleaning and refilling, simply remove the water reservoir, use soapy water and rinse, then fill it again with fresh cool water. Seriously, if your goal is to attract wild birds, then you should always provide clean, fresh water, otherwise your avian friends will not be interested to hangout at your house.

First Nature Lantern Style Bird Bath and Waterer (3039)

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Let Your Bird Enjoy Bath Time with Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath

Installing Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath on wire cages is really simple, it takes only seconds to do that. Your bird can enjoy its bath anytime of the day, while you can clean the bathing dish easily by twisting it on/off. The material is heavy duty durable plastic design, it’s very ideal for small to medium sized birds such as parakeets, canaries, cockatiels, lovebirds. You can choose to install this birth bath inside or outside the cage.

Based on a customer review, once he installed Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath, his bird knew right away what do with it. The body is deep enough for a parakeet to bath in excitement; a well made product and affordable.

Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath

First Nature Globe Style Bird Bath and Waterer Can Holds Up To 100-ounces of Water

Provide fresh water for all those wild birds that chirp making beautiful sound every moning with First Nature Globe Style Bird Bath and Waterer (3004). We can say that this product features water tank that holds up to 100 ounces of water which are enough for your feathered friends to drink or even bathing. You can hang this bird bath since it comes with s-hook, pretty easy to disassembly for cleaning or refilling. Many customers love the fact that this product is made in USA since they have more faith in the product’s quality.

First Nature Globe Style Bird Bath and Waterer (3004)

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Smart Solar Birdbath Fountain : Solar-Powered Birdbath For Wild Birds

Smart Solar Birdbath Fountain offers a great way to make your birds happy without need of spending extra cash. It is solar powered birdbath with fountain that sprays nice streams of water in every direction. The birds will be singing happily while taking a bath in your lovely garden. Each unit is made from durable fiberglass and resin with beautiful natural weathered stone finish. You can enjoy the gathering of robins, hummingbirds, orioles, chickadees or any other avian friends in your garden as they’d love bathing in this self-contained fountain, no plugs and no cords needed, just as long the sun shines, this birdbath flows.

Smart Solar Birdbath Fountain

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