API 645 Bird Bath Bowl with Tilt-to-Clean Deck Rail Mounting Bracket : Simply Tilt To Dump Dirty Water Out

Wild birds enjoy drinking and bathing in every pools of water, you can watch them in the morning whether it’s public fountain, water treatment reservoir, or any pothole. If you want to enjoy these birds company from your porch or backyard, you can install API 645 Bird Bath Bowl with tilt-to-clean deck rail mounting bracket. It’s practical birdbath which the basin is constructed in plastic with rim that is especially designed for natural talon gripping. You can mount the basin using a screw lamp bracket that fits deck railing, you don’t need any extra tool for installation, so simple and easy.

API 645 Bird Bath Bowl with Tilt-to-Clean Deck Rail Mounting Bracket

Measures 20-inch in diameter and 2-inch depth, this birdbath weights about 4.9 pounds. If the water is dirty, the hinged mount allows you to easily dump it out and refill the basin with fresh water. Outdoor swimming areas are not good for wild birds, because they can contain oil, sewage or any residue from asphalt as well as heavy chlorination. Such water condition can leave a bird even dirtier after bath and danger its physical wellbeing. That’s why we encourage you to provide fresh and clean water for our avian friends to enjoy. Click here to read a customer review, even after 5 years of usage, API 645 Bird Bath Bowl shows no signs of leaking.

We really love the unique EZ-Tilt-To-Clean system, the hinge is pretty sturdy to allow you to flip the plastic basin over. The appearance of API 645 Bird Bath Bowl fits any outdoor décor and can handle all weather conditions.

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