Modern Beaded Wooden Cat House Is Carefully Hand Crafted with High Quality Materials

We have found cute Beaded Wooden Cat House for your feline friend, it’s a handmade item, fully carpeted with unique beaded doorway. This modern cat house keeps your cat warm and comfortable, a perfect sanctuary for your furry friend to hide, play, and sleep. Those colorful beads would attract your cat to play with them, don’t worry, the beaded doorway is perfectly safe and secure to satisfy your cat’s curiosity.

Each unit has been carefully handcrafted with high quality materials to ensure it lasts for years, it can handle cat rough play. Just in case you need more details, the materials are plywood, new carpet, food grade nontoxic silicone beads for the doorway, pine corner molding, brass discs, rubber floor protectors, sterling silver crimp tubes and covers. It uses non toxic glue only to ensure the safety of your cat.

Modern Beaded Wooden Cat House by Kittenique

Silicone beads used here are something you can find in teething necklaces for infants, so you can be sure with its durability. The bead wire has 40 lb. break strength and is lopped through the top door and window frames, then double crimped on both ends with sterling silver heavy wall tubes to ensure a tight fit.

Modern Beaded Wooden Cat House by Kittenique

Modern Beaded Wooden Cat House by Kittenique

From : Kittenique

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