Don’t Nail Your Ceiling, Just Use Prevue Pet Quad-Pod 4 Legged Cage Stand

If you don’t like the idea to put nail your ceiling to hang the bird cage, you might want to consider Prevue Pet Quad-Pod 4 legged cage stand. This unit can be used to hang a cage up to 24 in. wide and 40 in. long, unless you have a very big bird cage, this product should be enough to hold small to medium sized cage. The 4-leg support and the tubular steel stand are strong enough to hold many different bird cages. If you check the cage stand in your local pet stores, you might find that this one is more expensive. We suggest that you make comparison of the quality since many people agree that this product looks the same but has much better quality.

Prevue Pet Quad-Pod 4 Legged Cage Stand

You can place this stand on the corner of the room or any room since it is easy to move around without having to put another hole on your ceiling. We suggest you not to use it for oversized bird cage, we are afraid it might tip over.

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