The Importance of Spaying and Neutering Dogs : Pros and Cons

The people who bring up a puppy must know how much affection and love they show while bringing up a puppy. You might have seen many of your friends who suffered after their dog’s death. Day by day they become a part of the family; without the little cute pup you cannot imagine your days. But besides showing love, care and giving food, you must be very conscious about your puppy’s health too. You must be aware of vaccines and medicines and neutering. But how many of you know about pros and cons of spaying and neutering in dogs.

Neutering means “de-sex” the animal, removing the reproductive parts from their body. Spaying means sterilization procedure of a female dog.

Pros of spaying and neutering

– Spaying can prevent blood discharge. During heat periods the genitals swells and as a result blood is discharged from the body and her own far coats by blood. Your furniture, floor and carpet get stain marks.

The Importance of Spaying and Neutering Dogs : Pros and Cons– You have to postpone your vacation plan because you cannot keep her at that time in a relative or friend’s home, as they will be annoyed. You cannot leave your unspayed dog into a boarding kennel or with pet sitter as there is high risk of the dog getting pregnant.

– You cannot leave her alone in the house yard as male dog can smell that scent from distance, even she may flirt with other dogs and with female dogs also and lure other dogs to mount on her.

– Unspayed female dog tend to develop a uterus infection named pyometra and its life risky. If your dog has already developed this disease the only solution is spaying. If you spay your dog early it would be healthy.

– After heat periods some female dogs show sign of false sign of pregnancy. Their belly may swell, nipples may produce milk. It can cause infection mammary gland infections due to the hormonal changes and it destroys the dog’s metabolism rate.

– Many times dogs die while giving birth or after child birth. Just imagine how you would feel if you lose your pet!

– Spaying prevents ovary and uterus cancer and prevents mammary tumors.

– The dog gets fierce if you prevent them from mating; a spayed dog is more gentle and affectionate.

Cons of spaying and neutering

– Spaying escalate the risk of Hemangiosarcoma, a dreadful cancer that mostly attacks the heart and spleen.

– Hypothyroidism can be seen in spayed dogs that lower the level of thyroids that increases the risk of obesity, hair fall etc.

– If you remove the uterus and ovary too early it can bring diseases like bone rapture, ligament rapture, hip dysplasia.

However the pros outweigh the cons a lot more, and hence it’s wise to get the dogs neutered or spayed while they are adolescent. There are millions of dogs all over the world who have no home; fall victim of pre-mature death. They do not get food and shelter, never receives affection. But when they are getting that affection and care from you, it’s equally important they get the beast health benefits from you.

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