Modern and Compact BiOrb 15L Flow Aquarium Look Great In Any Room

BiOrb 15L Flow Aquarium is beautiful and modern aquarium to set up and own. It uses low voltage (only 2 volts), all acrylic material that makes it light weight and safe. If you want to install compact stylish aquarium, then you should check this one out, everything you need is included in the box including the built-in LED light and biOrb filtration. It’s the perfect tank for small fish or shrimps, you can place it on your desk or small space, it creates calm and soothing atmosphere in any room.

BiOrb 15L Flow Aquarium is a great alternative to tiny bowl, place some betta fish in it, you can also add plants and accessories to create beautiful appearance and playground for the fish. It acts as beautiful décor in any room as well.

BiOrb 15L Flow Aquarium

Set the aquarium up won’t be a problem, it’s really easy. You can also add biOrb heater kit during colder weather, but many customers use Hagen mini heater due to cheaper price, yet it works just as great. Just in case you feel the filter flows are too rough, simply use a paper clip to make it more subtle. The opening is big enough to get you access inside the tank, add some pebbles and color plants, it will look really good.

BiOrb 15L Flow Aquarium

BiOrb 15L Flow Aquarium

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