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Modern and Compact BiOrb 15L Flow Aquarium Look Great In Any Room

BiOrb 15L Flow Aquarium is beautiful and modern aquarium to set up and own. It uses low voltage (only 2 volts), all acrylic material that makes it light weight and safe. If you want to install compact stylish aquarium, then you should check this one out, everything you need is included in the box including the built-in LED light and biOrb filtration. It’s the perfect tank for small fish or shrimps, you can place it on your desk or small space, it creates calm and soothing atmosphere in any room.

BiOrb 15L Flow Aquarium is a great alternative to tiny bowl, place some betta fish in it, you can also add plants and accessories to create beautiful appearance and playground for the fish. It acts as beautiful décor in any room as well.

BiOrb 15L Flow Aquarium

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50 Black Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Bio-Balls Filtration for Oxygenating The Water and Gas Exchange Process

50 Black Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Bio-Balls Filtration is small but effective filtration filter for your aquarium. It’s made of plastic with high performance stuffing, perfect for oxygenating your water while helping gas exchange process. Each ball features around ¾-inch diameter and weight about 236gram. Each pack comes with 50 balls that you can place in a black mesh bag and put it inside your filter. Whether you have freshwater or saltwater fish tank, this balls are ideal for both types.

50 Black Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Bio-Balls Filtration

Where to buy 50 Black Aquarium Fish Tank Filter Bio-Balls Filtration?

Marineland Eclipse Aquarium System Features Bio-Wheel 3-Stage Filtration System For Crystal Clear and Healthy Water

Marineland Eclipse aquarium system features BIO-wheel 3-stage filtration system that means creating a healthy environment for your fish and plants doesn’t have to deal with valves, tubing, hoses, or noisy pumps. There are 3 different sizes available, from 3-gallon, 5-gallon hex shaped aquarium, to 12-gallon, you can choose the size that fits your space best. This aquarium has been designed to hide the filtration and lighting system under the hood, this plastic aquarium weights only half the weight of glass. You can have a beautiful 360-degree panoramic view into the aquarium, the fluorescent lamp highlights the beautiful colors of your underwater world.

Marineland Eclipse Aquarium System

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