Hyper Dog Ball Launcher Makes Playing Fetch With Your Dog is Easier and More Fun

Hyper dog ball launcher makes playing Fetch with your dog is more fun. If you used to hate playing Fetch with your dog because it hurts your back from bending down to take the ball or your shoulder when throwing the ball, you really should have this toy. All you need to do is 3 simple tasks: pull, shoot, and scoop. It’s a hands-free game of fetch with your best pal. Take your dog in the nearest park and start testing this toy, no more dirty hands, just pull the ball and watch it fly. This ball launcher uses tennis ball that you can launch up to 220 feet in any direction (don’t aim at difficult locations or your dog won’t be able to get the ball). When your dog comes back and returns the ball to you, just scoop it up with the launcher.

Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

No matter the size of the dog, I’m sure they all love to play fetch, in fact, they might bark at you to ask you to take them to play on daily basis (my dog does this). You can choose 2 versions of Hyper Dog Ball Launcher, 2 balls or 4 balls. If you have small dog, please don’t launch the ball too far, they might get exhausted only after several times.

It is recommended to also buy a spare of band with your purchase, because many reviewers say that the original band might snap after several shots or it’s no longer as elastic as they have hoped for. Please buy this toy only at merchants with good return policy, you might need to ask them to replace the slingshot rubber. I read somewhere that you can also replace the slingshot rubber with hunting slingshot, it works really good. Anyway, don’t let this issue stop you from test the product and start having fun with your dog.

Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

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