Litter Robot II Bubble Unit – An Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box For Multiple Cats

Litter Robot II Bubble Unit is an automatic self cleaning litter box perfect for a house with multiple cats. As a modern cat owner, we’re pretty sure you would hate to see cat’s waste all over the house, everybody wants a clear and odorless house, but it doesn’t mean you have to get rid your feline friends. This litter box comes to the rescue. This unit has been designed with odor management technology and huge carbon filter to reduce bad odor coming from those cat’s litter.

Litter Robot II Bubble Unit Beige - Self Cleaning Litter Box

This unit works quieter and cleaner compared to other self-cleaning litter box in the market. The size is also perfect for your cats to go in and out without any trouble. Even if you have only a single cat in the house, this product still comes in handy. There’s no need for specific litter, since Litter Robot II can work with multiple types of litter. To make it work, just simply plug the 12-volt AC adapter in and add the litter. The litter globe and base unit come together in fully assembled.

Litter Robot II Bubble Unit Black - Self Cleaning Litter Box

After the cat does its business inside, the LLitter Robot II Bubble Unit will rotate itself just like a mixer to separate clean litter from the solid waste, leaving only the space as fresh as can be. It doesn’t have any rake mechanism that usually cause jam or require frequent cleaning. You can remove cat’s waste from its collector tray located in the drawer at the bottom of this unit. We suggest that you line it with regular plastic bag to avoid stickiness, this way you can just grab and throw the plastic bag. Please clean the tray for every 3 days, if you have many cats, you might want to do it on daily basis.

This robotic litter box will drastically reduce the odor in your house to almost none. The house will be cleaner and quieter; your carpet is stain free, everyone is happy. The price tag is a bit expensive, but if you think of long term benefits, you’ll understand that purchasing Litter Robot II Bubble Unit is a great investment.

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