Outward Hound Legs Out Pet Carrier Creates Maximum Bonding Time Between You and Your Dog

Outward Hound legs out pet carrier is a unique and comfortable way to carry your dog. Your dog might look ridiculous, but he feels comfortable while in it. The padded adjustable shoulder straps will also feel comfortable on your shoulders. We notice that some people are having trouble with the straps slipping off their shoulders, the trick is just criss-cross them at the back.

Outward Hound Legs Out Pet Carrier

Using this carrier, you can hold your dog against your body for maximum bonding time. The side straps have been designed to adjust to your pet’s torso size. There are different sizes available, make sure you pay attention to your dog’s weight to choose the right size.

Outward Hound Legs Out Pet Carrier

To create pleasant experience, you can use his favorite dog treat after getting him inside Outward Hound legs out pet carrier. This carrier should come in handy when you love walking with your dog but somehow along the way the dog gets tired and stop walking, you can just pick him up and put him inside the carrier then continue walking.

We must remind you that there are mixed experiences regarding this product, especially when it comes to the size of your dog and the size of this carrier. Please make sure you pay attention to the detail.

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  • Can this be used with the dog front facing with legs out and also as a backpack with the dog facing forward, looking over your shoulders?

    • Hi Kristy, we don't think that would work, this pet carrier is designed to be worn with the dog legs out, if the dog was going to look over your shoulder, that wouldn't be comfortable for them, as well as you, since the side strap would be in weird position.

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