Modular Cardboard Cat House to Suit Any Living Space

For the love of cats, a couple of architects have designed modular cardboard cat house. It’s a project specially dedicated for cats, the focus was to enrich the living space of our beloved feline friends, making homes suitable for cats and humans. As humans, we need a warm and safe environment to live in, this concept goes for cats as well, or any pets. After these architects live with their cats, they understand the importance of safety and space for cats, they are much more comfortable when relaxing in a small and narrow space. The result is a set of mini-building made of cardboard for cats.

Modular Cardboard Cat House by A Cat Thing

You can extend the living space of your cats, there are four different modules: room, balcony, living room, and ramp. Due to their modular nature, they are easy to assemble and arrange, feel free to create unique and suitable structure based on your available space and your cat’s personality. The connections of these structures use the principles of origami, the hold these modules together in a safe and secure way, no tools needed.

Modular Cardboard Cat House by A Cat Thing

Modular Cardboard Cat House by A Cat Thing

From : A Cat Thing

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