PetSafe Agility Weave Poles Test Your Dog Agility and Speed

PetSafe agility weave poles have been designed specifically to create fun course for you and your dog. This product is very easy to assemble and lightweight, thus making it a portable training tool. Take this in the park, arrange the poles and start enjoyable training process for your dog. These poles are not only test your dog agility, but also its speed, it can also boast your dog’s pride when the dog has mastered moving around the poles successfully. It doesn’t matter if you’re just a beginners or canine athletes, this is a great way to bond and interact with your best pal.

PetSafe Agility Weave Poles

These agility weave poles are made of durable high-quality plastic tubing for safety, this product comes with nylon carrying case to make it easier for you to carry around. You might hear people say that you can just buy a better product, this one is just for fun not serious training. Well, we disagree with that, these playsets are built to the standard of AKC, a combination of fun and real exercise. You can read the training tips to help your dog master this advanced tool with 6 upright poles set at 10-inch intervals.

PetSafe Agility Weave Poles

At first, it might feel very challenging obstacle for your dog to master, but we’re sure, when your dog has mastered it, both you are going to feel really proud. In the process, both of you are going to have so much fun, these exercises provide hours of body and mind activity to promote obedience and physical health. The trick is always simple, you can try to lure your dog with his/her favorite treat, from there, they’ll know what to do in order to get that treat from you.

Where to buy PetSafe Agility Weave Poles?

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