Petrodex Dental Chews For Better Pet Dental Health

The Petrodex dental chews are specially formulated and designed to reduce plaque and control tartar of your dogs. It’s available in different sizes for small to large sized dogs. Dogs love chewable snacks, this product is no different. When your dog’s saliva touches this chew, Petrodex releases special enzymes which activate the anti-bacterial system in an instant.

Petrodex Dental Chews for Small Dogs

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Sleepypod Atom Modern Pet Carrier Design Is Based on The Famous Sleepypod Air

Modern pet owners who travel a lot with their pet should have Sleepypod Atom modern pet carrier. It’s been designed for everyday living and features consistent innovative design which Sleepypod has been very well known of. The inspiration of this pet carrier came from the existing multiple-award winning Sleepypod Air design which then applied to the smaller-sized Sleepypod Atom. Everything about this bag meets major airline carry-on pet regulations.

Sleepypod Atom Modern Pet Carrier

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Rep-Cal Adult Iguana Food For Complete Daily Nutrition of Your Reptile

Rep-Cal Adult Iguana Food will make sure your iguana is having the complete nutrition to maintain its health and proper growth. This reptile food is specially formulated to provide optimum levels of vitamins and minerals with great flavor which will be loved by all iguanas. You can double check with your veterinarian about the product.

Rep-Cal Adult Iguana Food

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Kong Natural Mice Cat Toy Is Irresistible!

It’s a cat’s instinct to hunt a mouse, therefore Kong Natural Mice cat toy would be a perfect gift to your cat. This toy is made from eco-friendly materials, natural and renewable, it’s very safe for cat. You can use this toy to stimulate the cat’s hunting and stalking instinct, watch how your cat reacts when you throw these mice.

Kong Natural Mice Cat Toy

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PooPrints Canine DNA System

PooPrints Canine DNA System is your modern Sherlock Holmes. Have you ever found unwanted doggy droppings around your house or apartment? It’s really annoying to have to clean up other dog’s waste because the real owner fails to do so. Now, canine DNA can be used to identify the culprits who don’t clean up after their pets. A sample of dog’s DNA can be taken by rubbing a cotton swab around inside the animal’s mouth which then sent to BioPet Vet Lab, a Knoxville, Tenn. This company will then enter the data into worldwide database.

PooPrints Canine DNA System

The next time you find those un-scooped piles, you can take a sample and mail it to the company to identify the offending owner. The PooPrints system costs $29.99 for the swabbing kit, $10 for a vial to hold the samples and $50 to analyze them, which usually takes a week or two. The company claimed that they have received about 2 dozen apartment complexes around the country application for the service. I guess PooPrints Canine DNA system is like FBI DNA database in mini scale.

[PooPrints] via [NYTimes]

Hyper Dog Ball Launcher Makes Playing Fetch With Your Dog is Easier and More Fun

Hyper dog ball launcher makes playing Fetch with your dog is more fun. If you used to hate playing Fetch with your dog because it hurts your back from bending down to take the ball or your shoulder when throwing the ball, you really should have this toy. All you need to do is 3 simple tasks: pull, shoot, and scoop. It’s a hands-free game of fetch with your best pal. Take your dog in the nearest park and start testing this toy, no more dirty hands, just pull the ball and watch it fly. This ball launcher uses tennis ball that you can launch up to 220 feet in any direction (don’t aim at difficult locations or your dog won’t be able to get the ball). When your dog comes back and returns the ball to you, just scoop it up with the launcher.

Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

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Paul Frank Modern Dog Beds

Paul Frank modern dog bed collection is not just another boring plain pet bed. It’s stylish pet bed without sacrificing the comfort of your best furry friend. Personally we like the pink south of the border pet bed, not just the color, but also the characters printed on this bed are adorable. Paul Frank also offers Green Julius pet bed and Blue Julius pet bed. These eco-friendly beds are filled with recycled plastic bottles and designed with non-slip bottom. It’s really easy to clean since the cover is removable and completely washable.

Paul Frank Modern Dog Bed - Pink South Of The Border Pet Bed

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Fish Zole Forte Cures Common Bacterial Fish Diseases

Fish Zole Forte provides medication for bacterial fish disease which usually difficult to handle if you don’t the information that you need. This product works by creating a balance between positive and negative bactericidal action. Aeromonas Hydrophila and Pseudomonas are common bacterial infections that you’ll find in fish, it could be your fish worst nightmare if it’s not treated properly.

You should pay attention to the symptoms of these diseases, for example Aeromonas Hydrophila. You can check if your fish is suffering from fin rot, tail rot, ulcers, or abdominal swelling, this kind of bacterial disease is found in amphibians since they live in aquatic environments. For Pseudomonas disease, this usually attacks most species of fish that live in natural water; you’ll notice the fish is suffering from hemorrhages in the mouth area or ventral side body.

Fish Zole Forte Cures Common Bacterial Fish Diseases

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Don’t Nail Your Ceiling, Just Use Prevue Pet Quad-Pod 4 Legged Cage Stand

If you don’t like the idea to put nail your ceiling to hang the bird cage, you might want to consider Prevue Pet Quad-Pod 4 legged cage stand. This unit can be used to hang a cage up to 24 in. wide and 40 in. long, unless you have a very big bird cage, this product should be enough to hold small to medium sized cage. The 4-leg support and the tubular steel stand are strong enough to hold many different bird cages. If you check the cage stand in your local pet stores, you might find that this one is more expensive. We suggest that you make comparison of the quality since many people agree that this product looks the same but has much better quality.

Prevue Pet Quad-Pod 4 Legged Cage Stand

You can place this stand on the corner of the room or any room since it is easy to move around without having to put another hole on your ceiling. We suggest you not to use it for oversized bird cage, we are afraid it might tip over.

You can find Prevue Pet Quad-Pod 4 Legged Cage Stand from these merchants

Precision Pet Soft Side Play Pen Keeps Your Pet Move Freely and Safely

Precision Pet Soft Side Play Pen provides safety while still gives the freedom for your pet to move around. You know that pets are not supposed to be restricted no matter what. Walking, running, playing are great activities to keep your pet happy and healthy. However, most owners don’t feel comfortable to let their pets run around during trip or in unfamiliar places. This is where a playpen comes in handy.


Precision Pet Soft Side Play Pen

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