Tick Twister Won’t Leave Mouth-Parts of The Tick Implanted in The Skin

Designed by a French veterinarian in 1990, Tick Twister has been one of effective tick removal tools in the market. This little tool works almost all the time, we said almost, because it works best for engorged tick (it looks like grey raisins on the skin). For tick that is still in feeding process and not yet engorged, it would be a bit difficult to get it off.

Tick Twister removes the tick without having to compress its body while detaching from the skin, by doing this, we can avoid the possibility of the tick’s body fluids injected into the wound site. Do you know when tick bites, it injects hypostome (long, central mouth-part) into the skin? Well this part is covered with sharp spikes which help keep the tick tightly attached while feeding. Instead of pulling the tick, Tick Twister features twisting motion to remove the tick while keeping the tick’s mouth-parts intact, using the traditional tick remover, there’s possibility that the mouth-parts left in the skin.

Tick Twister Removes Ticks Easily

Tick Twister is made of polymer plastic because it’s recyclable and can be incinerated without causing pollution. You can sanitize this little tool using your regular disinfectants before using it. Just slide Tick Twister around the tick, apply some pressure to release the whole tick without leaving any mouth-parts in your pet’s body. You might want to keep this tool as part of your pet emergency kit, because the last thing you want is when tick season just around the corner and you don’t have any tool to protect your best furry friend from those blood suckers.

The Tick Twister Pro model has been designed with a hole through the top of the handle, you can hang this tool on a key ring or cord and carry it with you anywhere.

Tick Twister Removes Ticks Easily

Here’s the guide on How to use Tick Twister to remove a tick:
1. You need to pick the right sized tool based on the size of the tick. Use the large hook for medium to large ticks or use the small hook for small and tiny ticks.
2. Make sure that you hold the handle between your thumb and your index finger, slowly slide the form end of the tool toward the tick until this blood sucker is caught between the prongs.
3. Lift a bit and rotate in several turns. You can feel when the tick has released its mouth parts and safe to remove the tick.

Where to buy Tick Twister?

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