Hydroponics as Hobby? You need HM Digital COM-100 Meter

When you practice hydroponics as hobby, you will need the proper tool measure EC and TDS temp. HM Digital COM-100 Meter is a waterproof meter to help you measure EC to keep it from burning your plants. This little tool is also pretty handy to test water quality for different purposes such as wastewater regulation, scientific testing, water purification or maybe colloidal silver. Although this meter seems to feature many calibration options (KCI, 442TM, NaCl), you might not need to read the instructions as the result is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Dip it in the water, it gives you instant reading.

HM Digital COM-100 Meter

HM Digital COM-100 Meter features automatic temperature compensation (ATC) and measurement range of 0-9990 µS; 0-8560 ppm (auto-ranging). It’s a nice small tool that all serious gardeners should have, aside from its multi-functional, it’s also very accurate (based on a serious gardener review). It checks the total dissolved solids and inverse of resistivity great. The hold feature is pretty nice, as you can dip the meter in the solution, press hold then remove it for closer look. The digital display is large and clear enough to display the information for those of you with glasses.

Just in case you need another tool, the same company also sells PH meter, we believe it’s worth your hard earned money.

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