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Chunky Chews 8-inch Beef Braided Rawhide Ring for Large Dogs

The big dogs will definitely enjoy Chunky Chews 8-inch Beef Braided Rawhide Ring, it’s 100-percent premium rawhide. Each Chunky Chews is made for big and aggressive chewers, you can tell from the thick braided design and its weight (3x heavier than other rawhides bones in the same size), it’s designed to last for awhile and at the same time promoting healthy teeth and gums. The ring features patented miracle-marinade no-run formula to provide your dog with rich flavor all the way through and off your carpets and furniture. The company uses only the highest quality ingredients, grass fed free-range beef hides, no hormone or antibiotic.

This dog treat also maintains your dog healthy skin and coat, thanks to Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Omega 6 fatty acid in it. This product is locally farmed, produced, and packaged in one dedicated factory, all the processes are never salted, they are all traced and controlled to ensure safety and quality of your dog.

Chunky Chews 8-inch Beef Braided Rawhide Ring for Dogs

CET Hextra Premium Chews with Chlorhexidine for Dogs

CET Hextra Premium Chews are specifically formulated to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. It combines the mechanical action of rawhide and antiseptic power of chlorhexidine to remove plaque and reduce tartar. Dogs can’t brush their own teeth, therefore as dog owners, it’s your responsibility to maintain their teeth health. This treat will not only good for your dog, it also tastes really great. The antiseptic system combined with the chew’s natural abrasive cleansing action will freshen dog’s breath and keep the teeth clean.

CET Hextra Premium Chews

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