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Stoneware Crock Dog Dish : Heavy-weight Pet Bowl That Can’t Be Easily Knocked Over

Trust us, Stoneware Crock dog dish is an awesome bowl for dogs, cats or other animals. It is very easy to clean and you would love high gloss finish to match your modern interior décor. This bowl is pretty heavy, therefore, it would be pretty hard for your furry friend to knock it over, therefore, it reduces any movement or spillage. It is easy to clean and you’ll also notice that this product is less expensive compared to other bowls in its class.

Stoneware Crock Dog Dish

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Dogs and Cats Will Enjoy Kong Massage Zoom Groom Brush

Your dog or cat will enjoy being massaged by Kong Massage Zoom Groom brush. It’s one of the best grooming and shampooing brushes available. It removes loose hair easily while at the same time stimulates capillaries and natural oil production which is very effective for all dogs, cats and all coat types. It promotes healthy skin and coats, use this brush on regular basis and you will drastically reduce shedding.

Based on a customer feedback how her cat hated to be brushed but since she bought Kong Massage Zoom Groom brush, it’s no longer a problem anymore. In fact, every time she takes out this brush, her cat comes running can’t wait for the massage. This brush is best value for money. The silicon material makes this brush very easy to clean, simply wash it with anti-bacterial soap and hang it dry.

CLICK HERE to purchase Kong Massage Zoom Groom brush, you can also read more than 100 positive customer feedback that gives this product 5 out of 5 stars rating.

Kong Massage Zoom Groom Brush - Dog Grooming Toy

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Andis Power De-Shedder Helps You Gently Massage Your Pet While Effortlessly Remove Loose Hair

Most people felt a bit skeptical about Andis Power De-Shedder (40095) when they first heard about it or read on a magazine until they decided to try one. This little tool helps you effortlessly remove almost 90% of your pet’s undercoat. It can be used for dogs, cats and even horses (yeah, you might have read about this grooming tool in Horse and Rider magazine). It features vibrating 40inch comb (large) that can gently massages your pet to help create relaxing atmosphere, it can calm your pet while you remove its loose and undercoat hair. You can use this de-shedder for long haired or short haired breeds, the result would still be the same, fantastic.

Andis Power De-Shedder (40095) - Pet Grooming Tool

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