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Plush Beige Pet House by Coco & Pud

Coco & Pud just released their latest creation, Beige Pet House. This Australian company wants to offer you timeless pet house design with additional touches to make it a good complement to your existing modern décor. Cute and adorable, this pet house is made from luxurious microfiber material, plush house for small to medium sized dog, or if preferred, it can also be used to house your cat. However, I don’t recommend you to use Beige Pet House for your cat as it doesn’t have scratching area, I’m afraid the cat might tear apart this plush pet house.

Beige Pet House by Coco and Pud

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Merry Pet Room-with-a-view Pet House Features Cute Balcony For Your Pet To Relax Under The Sun

Merry Pet room-with-a-view pet house looks like just ordinary wood pet house except of its balcony. Whoever comes with the idea is a genius, not only your pet would love to lay under the sun on the balcony, it will also get comfortable and warm place during colder weather. This pet house is ideal for indoor or outdoor use because the stable wood can withstands humidity and extreme temperatures, the elevated base and cedar construction keep your pet warm and dry.

Merry Pet Room-with-a-View Pet House

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Beautiful Upcycled Vintage Handmade Suitcase Pet Bed

Although this pet bed is created from upcycled vintage suitcase, it looks pretty cozy bed for your furry friend. Suitcase pet bed is hand made by Miles & Aimee from Atomic Attic, this is just a product amongst many great items in that store. They said instead of creating another typically boring pet bed, they wanted to add vintage charm.

Upcycled Vintage Wooden Suitcase Pet Bed

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Luxury Majestic Bagel Pet Bed Surrounds Your Pet with Soft Plush Bolster

Majestic Bagel Pet Bed looks really adorable with high loft donut style and your dog probably think that the bed is doggy heaven. There are several different sizes available starting from small (24-inch) to extra large (52-inch) where each one is made of the finest materials.

Majestic Bagel pet bed can be considered as luxury pet bed with its heavy duty waterproof 300/600 denier base, bolster of cotton twill and stuffed with premium polyester fiber fil. Your dog or cat will find herself surrounded by a plush bolster, perfect for leaning back against for relaxing long naps, it helps her to feel secure as well. Your dog loves to chew just about anything? Don’t worry, this bed is chew resistant.

Majestic Bagel Pet Bed

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Petmate Burrow Bed : A Great Gift For Pets That Love to Burrow

Petmate Burrow Bed wraps your lovely pet in warmth, comfort and style, a perfect bed pets who like to burrow. Dogs, cats, ferrets, they all will nesting on this bed that even when you call them, they’ll ignore you. This 25-inch pet bed is a great bed to satisfy your furry friend’s nesting instinct as it’s been designed with super soft cushion and a hood to provide a sense of security.

Petmate Burrow Bed

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Luxury B.Pet Bubble Bed : Cool Bubble Plexiglass With Cotton-Viscose Cushion

B.Pet Bubble Bed comes with variety of bright colors, a luxury pet bed for your best friend. Each bubble bed is constructed of plexiglass with chromium-plated base completed with cotton-viscose cushion.

B.Pet Bubble Bed

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DenHaus ZenHaus : Modern Dog House with End Table

ZenHaus is a aleek and modern dog house from DenHaus that features opaque shatterproof glass on top. It’s constructed of extremely durable fiberglass to create beautiful and elegant indoor pet house that blends very well with your modern home décor. The oval shape design creates a bold architectural profile while at the same time provide plenty of space for your modern pet. The glass on top brings the light into the pet house while the removable swing door offers practicality.

DenHaus ZenHaus Modern Dog House with End Table

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PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper Features Therapeutic Warmth and Orthopedic Foam

PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper features the comfortable therapeutic heat and orthopedic foam construction which perfect for every dog with arthritis to sleep on comfortably. It’s been designed with cozy terry-lined sleeper and filled with orthopedic foam to provide warmth and comfort. Aside from that, the heat also comes from 12-volt power adapter with detachable chew-resistant cord.

PetSafe Heated Wellness Sleeper

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New Age Pet All-Weather Insulated Dog House For A Large Dog

This all-weather insulated dog house from New Age Pet can accommodate large dog up to 120 pounds. This contemporary dog house has been built with impact-resistant, weather-proof panels that will stand up for years from the heat of the sun and stormy weather. It keeps your dog warm in winter and cool in summer.

New Age Pet All-Weather Insulated Dog House

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Merry Pet Cat Washroom : Modern Night Stand Pet House to Hide Your Pet Litter Box

Merry Pet cat washroom or night stand pet house is multi-functional pet furniture that looks beautiful with any room décor. It’s very practical, you can place it next to your bed or in the bathroom or in the kitchen near the cat’s water bowl. Each product has been designed with clean lines, elegant look wainscoting paneling details, a stainless steel door knob and a towel bar attached on the side.

Merry Pet Cat Washroom - Night Stand Pet House

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