Three Level Cat Wall Bunker for Cats That Enjoy Jumping and Climbing to High Places

Build a place for your cat to relax, as you already know as a cat owner, cats enjoy leaping and hunting. By building this Three Level Cat Wall Bunker, you can help your cats to satisfy their needs to jump and climb high places. This bunker has everything a cat needs in an emergency situation. The top shelf comes with a plush chaise lounge while the bottom features a dining area, your cat can jump through holes cut out on each level to escape from any unexpected danger quickly.

In details, this bunker consists of 3 shelves, the top and bottom are constructed of two 34-inch x 11.25-inch shelves while the middle is 12-inch x 11.25-inch shelf. Basically the total width is 34-inch, 32-inch tall, and 11-inch away from the wall. Each post is attached to the wall with 4-inch brackets.

Three Level Cat Wall Bunker

This bunker offers pretty sturdy constructed, but the company hasn’t done proper test to get a maximum weight it can accommodate. By far, they’ve tested the shelves with 54lbs objects and they don’t budge. The corner bracers for brackets are attached from the top, in this way, when weight is applied, it pushes the shelf tight against the wall.

This unit comes in pieces, you would also get screws, light duty drywall anchors, and brackets attached. You need a screw driver, a drill, and a stud finder to construct these pieces into a sturdy bunker for your feline friend.

Three Level Cat Wall Bunker

Three Level Cat Wall Bunker

Three Level Cat Wall Bunker

Three Level Cat Wall Bunker

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