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GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate Contains Your Pet Safely in Certain Area in Your Home

GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate is a nice patented pet gate to keep your dog in certain area and stay away from kitchen. It’s a great gate to ensure your dog can only move around in his/her special area, the gate design prevents pinch points or choke points even without plastic coverings. There are many different size options available, from 36”wide to 108”wide, pretty tall we might say, enough to keep your dog from jumping over the gate.

Those pivot points have been designed to allow maximum expansion but still meet J.P.M.A certification specifications. The gate attaches at 4 points and is hinged to swing 270-degrees for great opening and collapsing to the industries’ narrowest gate for easy storage. This gate won’t damage your floor, thanks to its rubber stop, the center-mounted leg makes the gate very sturdy even when fully extended.

GMI Keepsafe Expansion Gate

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Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker Protects Your Dog From The Rainy Days

Protect your dog in rainy days with Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker, it’s an updated version of the classic rain slicker. It is completed with reflective stripe both on the back and hood for extra safety while walking in the dark. There are size options you can choose, from XS to XXL, measure your dog correctly to get the right rain jacket. The material used is good quality and not too delicate. Its Velcro allows for easy on and off, you can attach the leash on the slit which you can find right under the hood. It’s a great product to protect your dog from being wet as well as your floor :).

Fashion Pet Rainy Days Slicker

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