Nutramax Cosequin for Cats To Maintain Optimal Joint Function and Bladder Health

This Nutramax Cosequin has been formulated specially for cats to maintain their optimal joint function and bladder health. Each capsule contains 125 milligrams FCHG49 glucosamine and 100 milligrams TRH122 chondroitin sulfate. You probably notice as pets grow old, it’s a common thing that their joints become less flexible and could impact their ability to jump, run, and play drastically, thus reducing their quality of life.

Nutramax Cosequin for Cats - Joint Health Supplement

This formula will support cartilage production as well as protect existing cartilage from breaking down. Since it is for cat, each one has been formulated to have tasty natural chicken and tuna flavored. There are not many joint health supplements in the market which are specifically for cats, while products for dogs are not suitable for cats. That’s why a product that works for cat is going to be highly appreciated.

Aside from maintain healthy joints, Nutramax Cosequin for cats is also recommended to support urinary bladder health. There’s a layer that protects the bladder wall, this layer contains the same compounds that are found in cartilage. This layer prevents urine and waste products contained within it from seeping into and damaging lining. Like we said above, Cosequin contains chondroitin sulfate to help with cartilage production, the bladder can also use it to help support the layer.

If giving your cat the capsule form is going to be difficult, you can easily open the capsule and sprinkle the powder on her wet food, mix it well for the cat to eat, it won’t know the difference. A customer who has an old cat that suffered from sterile cystitis also found this product is very helpful, no more blood in the urine and the cat is no longer in constant pain. The good thing is, Nutramax Cosequin for cats comes with an affordable price that won’t break the bank.

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