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Suck UK Cat Scratcher : There’s A Little DJ in The House!

Do you want to see your cat to be a DJ? You can if you buy your cat this cool Suck UK Cat Scratcher. This is actually a cardboard in a unique DJ music box form, a mixing deck-shaped cat scratching mat. It looks really funny when you see your cat spin and scratch the cardboard, he looks like a real DJ. So instead of giving a chance for your cat to scratch your precious furniture, you can offer him this scratcher. Scratching is a great exercise for cat’s muscles or just simply a pleasure.

Suck UK Cat Scratcher comes in flat packed and fold together into a simple structure. It is completed with poseable tone arm and a top that spins, it’s enjoyable to watch your cat suddenly mixes music like a real DJ.

Suck UK Cat Scratcher

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