PetPace Pet Health Monitor Smart Collar Tracks Your Pet’s Vitals Wirelessly

We have smartphone that monitors our health and well-being, what if I told you, your pet can also have its own smart collar that does the same? PetPace is a pet health monitor smart collar that helps improve your pet’s health by tracking its vitals wirelessly via physical and behavioral parameters.

Your furry companion doesn’t talk to you or complain, the only thing you know there’s something wrong is by paying attention to any changes in their behaviors. This little device helps you to pay closer attention, it tracks your dog’s/cat’s vitals such as pulse, temperature, activities, respiration, positions, and many more. It has the ability to send alerts to the pet owners as well as veterinarians, so yes, it’s the only pet monitor in the market that allows you to collaborate with your vet. You can share your pet’s health information to get the best possible care.

PetPace Pet Health Monitor Smart Collar

PetPace smart collar works for both cats and dogs, whether small pet or large one, the company offers variety of size for your furry pal. It costs you just about $150 and $15/month for the monitoring service. It might sound expensive, but some pet’s health issues can remain hidden, an early detection would prevent suffering and improve the quality of your pet’s life. It’s like a communication device where your pet lets you know if there’s something wrong with them.

PetPace Pet Health Monitor Smart Collar

PetPace Pet Health Monitor Smart Collar

PetPace Pet Health Monitor Smart Collar

PetPace Pet Health Monitor Smart Collar

From : PetPace

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