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Lifeguard Doghouse 04 by Unleash Studio

Look at this adorable Lifeguard Doghouse 04 from Unleash Studio. Not sure with the number 4, but the designer said that it was her lucky number, therefore this Hawaii Doghouse has been designed for a lucky dog that is “On Duty” willing to go all the way to protect and guard you from any trouble. We at Pawfi believe, if you love your dog, he or she will you to the last beat of his/her heart, we owe it to this wonderful creature to be worth of such devotion. Checkout “Bobby Gorgeous” photo, isn’t he adorable while “on duty”?

Size: 25” h x 33” l x 18“w
Materials: PVC board, Aluminum, Plexiglass.

Lifeguard Doghouse 04 by Melissa Rivera of Unleash Studio

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Modern Container Doghouse 21 by Unleash Studio

I guess not only Starbucks think container can be a cool home for its drive-through shop, Melissa Rivera of Unleash Studio also thinks the same. Check out her unique and awesome Container Doghouse, yes, this rugged and super duper cool doghouse was inspired by Shipping Container homes. The designer noticed that there are many people enjoy living in a home made out of shipping containers, in fact, most of those places have modern and stylish interior décor. It’s time for all cool dogs in town can also have their own shipping container home.

Container Doghouse by Melissa Rivera of Unleash Studio

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