Kennel Aire Frame Bunny House With Arched Roof Design

Did you just adopt a cute bunny? Well, then you probably need a safe and spacious cage to keep your bunny safe. You might want to consider Kennel Aire Frame Bunny House as it’s been designed to provide your bunny the ultimate safety and comfort. Instead of straight flat roof, this cage features arched roof design which is a great feature we should mention here, it gives extra room atmosphere for the rabbit. There are 2 doors that you can use to give great access inside the cage, one on top and one on the side. Each unit comes with durable plastic tray, yes, it means you can easily clean your rabbit mess, just slide the tray out and wash it clean.

Kennel Aire Frame Bunny House

For better mobility from room to room, Kennel Aire Frame Bunny House is equipped with 4 casters. The only down side that we don’t even consider this should stop you from considering this great cage is the size. We need to mention this as some people don’t pay attention to the size and end up regret it after purchase. Measures 29.5″L x 16.5″W x 24″H, you might think a dog kennel is bigger and better, you need to remember that this cage is meant for small bunny, in fact it is still big enough for your small bunny to stand up and stretch. We recommend that you still let your rabbit to run around in the house sometimes as there’s not a lot of room for your little furry friend to run in the cage. In simple words, this Bunny House is pretty durable, looks great, easy to snap together.

Where to buy Kennel Aire Frame Bunny House?

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