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Songbird and Cardinal Preferred Blend Bird Food Is Loved By Wide Variety Wild Birds

Each pack of Songbird and Cardinal Preferred Blend Bird Food contains special formula blend bird food with 60% sunflower seed, an ideal product for songbirds and cardinals. The package itself is resealable, FreshLock technology makes the content stay fresh, it’s important due to the premium natural ingredients (it contains safflower and black oil sunflower).

Based on a customer review, birds really love this product, in fact, this one was the fastest eaten seed out of other 3 other seeds he bought along. You’ll be surprised on how many birds will visit you just to hangout at the feeder.

Songbird and Cardinal Preferred Blend Bird Food

Nyjer Seed Bird Food Attract A Wide Variety of Finches

Do you love finches? These seed-eating songbirds love Nyjer Seed Bird Food, this bird food attracts finches in group. You can enjoy watching them eating from your back porch, if you can keep feeding them on daily basis, you’ll have regular visitors. The formula of this bird food is great to provide a balanced diet for finches, all premium natural ingredients sealed with FreshLock technology to maintain its freshness and flavor.

Nyjer Seed Bird Food

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