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Cute Japanese Samurai Armor Costume for Your Furry Warriors

A cute Samurai Warrior will welcome your guests in style, but instead of afraid, your guests would cuddle it. Most samurai warriors are played by American actors in the movies with spectacular armors and helmets, completed with a cool samurai. Well, this time, your dog or cat can be a Samurai Warrior, protecting you like a good soldier. Beware though, this furry medieval Japanese warrior is so cute that you might not be able to stop kissing them. Available in three size options, please attention to make sure it fits your pet. By the way, that face shield is not included, you might have to create it by yourself.

Cute Samurai Armor for Your Furry Warriors

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Pet Krewe Lion Mane Cat Costume Transforms Your Cat Into Adorable Lion

This Halloween, your little cute cat is ready to turn into a Lion, still cute thou. Pet Krewe Lion Mane Cat Costume can bring loads of fun, turn that sweet cat into a sweet lion, put a smile on everyone’s face. This piece is an easy-to-wear hood with Velcro strap to ensure it won’t slip. This hood fits most animals up to 15 pounds, perfect for party or Halloween where an adorable little lion lights up the room. Made with non-toxic and high quality materials, this costume is safe for your cat or your dog, you’ll receive a lot of complements from friends and family, they will also treat your pet like a king of the house.

Pet Krewe Lion Mane Cat Costume

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Cool Cat Battle Armor : War-Ready Leather Cat Costume

Your cat would look badass wearing this Cat Battle Armor, it’s a custom armor designed specially to fit your cat. It is 100% wearable and comfortable costume with real armor harness for your cat, but please remember, it’s a costume, it’s not meant to protect your cat against predators. This cool costume is handmade from veg-tan leather, waxed cord, and nickel silver hardware, it makes your cat looking like a soldier ready to go to war.

The detail is pretty impressive, the imposing torso section features riveted, articulated plates, combining that with a rack of dorsal spines. Oh yeah, that’s one awesome Halloween costume for cat. Those nickel silver domed rivets complete overall look and feel as a battle armor costume. The adjustable collar comes with elastic and two nickel silver buckles, the belly part features corset-style lacing for secure and comfortable fit. Since each one is handmade, you can request custom size, color, or even specific design, but it won’t be cheap.

Cat Battle Armor : Cool War-Ready Leather Cat Costume by Savagepunk

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CritterZone Air Purifier Is Developed to Handle Even The Strongest Pet Odors

Controlling odor when your house is full with pets can be challenging, you should try installing CritterZone Air Purifier to eliminate those nasty odors. CritterZone Air Naturalizer is pretty powerful unit, filterless and chemical free, the natural process eliminates bacteria, odors, and other pollutants(e-coli, salmonella, mildew, mold, and many more).

Once this unit turns on, it safely and naturally kills germs in the air, not just that, it also provides protection for the surface to prevent any germ and mold growth. Due to its compact size, this unit is highly portable, even perfect for vehicle (use car adapter). It is pretty powerful unit, unlike other air purifier that only covers around 50 to 150 sq. ft., this unit can cover an area up to 800 square feet, it can save your hard earned money. There are 3 settings that you can choose to control the amount of natural charged flow to clean the room or vehicle, it cleans surfaces and even in fabrics. It takes less than 3-watts of energy, CritterZone cleans your air 24/7 for less than a penny/day, it sounds nice, heh?

CritterZone Air Naturalizer Wall Unit - Pet Air Purifier

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Cats Rule Lilypad Splash and Crumb Catcher Mat Keeps Your Floor Clean from Cat Food Crumbs

Keep your floor clean from your cat food crumbs using Cats Rule Lilypad Splash and Crumb Catcher Mat. It’s a special designed lid that prevents any moisture or crumbs get on the floor. Measures 12” x 14” x 1”, this mat is durable and very easy clean. Simply place your cat bowl over it, all those crumbs will fall on the mat instead of your floor, in this way, once your cat is finish, you can easily clean the mess.

Cats Rule Lilypad Splash and Crumb Catcher Mat

Petmate Le Bistro Single Food Mat Confines The Mess From Food and Water Dispenser

For pet owners who have multiple pets in the house, they know that food and water dispenser area can be pretty messy. If you need to use raised border to prevent any spill or crumble all over the floor, you can use Petmate Le Bistro Single Food Mat. The ribs design on the interior will keep spilled water confined in the mat, not all over your floor. We hate picking up kibble crumbs on the floor as much as you do, but if you want to prevent the mess from spreading all over the house, you have to clean them as soon as you can. This food mat is the help that you need.

Petmate Le Bistro Single Food Mat

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Tagg Pet Tracker Tracks Your Dog and Cat Whereabouts Anytime!

Are you anxious about loosing your beloved pet companion? Worry no more! Tagg Pet Tracker caters your ultimate needs. Yes, now you can stay at ease and need not worry about your pet being lost. It is an innovative pet tracking system that is equipped with GPS together with wireless capabilities, which enables loveable pets to stay under the control of their owners. Snaptracs Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated unveiled this pioneering product.

Tagg Pet Tracker

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Unique and Affordable Hand Stamped Pet Tags from Lynn and Natacha (FetchAPassionTags)

Update : It looks like FetchAPassionTags is no longer in business, but you can still browse other cool pet tags from other merchants here: Cool Pet Tags

When I was browsing for a unique dog tag, I landed on this cool etsy store of Lynn & Natacha (FetchAPassionTags), a mother-daughter team located in Quebec, Canada. They work together to create unique and affordable hand stamped pet tags. This modern pet tag comes in different shapes and sizes, you can choose different symbols or charms from sea shells to an angel wings.

Unique and Affordable Hand Stamped Pet Tags

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