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Merry Christmas Everyone!

With a dog in your life, Christmas is going to be that much better and sometimes, it is better to spend Christmas home with the dog than out with the merrymakers. Have a Doggone Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! - With a dog in your life, Christmas is going to be that much better and sometimes, it is better to spend Christmas home with the dog than out with the merrymakers. Have a Doggone Merry Christmas!

Top 8 Signs of Dog Labor: How to know When Your Dog Will Give Birth (Whelping)

Having a dog is wonderful and when your dog is about to give birth, it can be a great time as well. Even though you don’t play pretty important role in delivering those puppies, you should still care and understand when it’s time for your dog to go into labor so that you can help your dog to prepare everything. It’s an exciting time but it can also give you lots of worries, especially when you don’t know when the labor process will happen. In this article, we’d like to provide you with essential information, signs when your dog will give birth or into labor, some basic information, and what you need to prepare.

Some basic information that you need to know is how long your dog’s been pregnant, take her to vet on regular basis to monitor the pregnancy. You should know that dogs are pregnant at around 58 to 68 days, but 63 days are usually the average of delivery date. Unfortunately, most people don’t exactly know when their dog mated, because the process can be accidental, but usually as dog owner, you can make some predictions. When this happens, you should look for signs of labor.

Top Signs of Dog Labor: How to know When Your Dog Will Give Birth (Whelping)

There are certain things that you need to prepare, so that when the labor process is happening, you have all items you need at one place:

1. Comfortable Blanket
2. Towels (yes, more than 1)
3. Thermometer
4. Washcloth
5. Cardboard box

There are few signs that you need to pay attention to recognize that your dog is about to give birth:
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Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit Identifies Your Mystery Mutt’s Breed

You probably wonder why you would need to test your dog’s mixed breed DNA, well actually it can give you better training plan and behavior understanding. Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit is very useful when you need to create more targeted behavior training for your dog because each pedigree dog breed has its own characteristic and personality. In this way, you can genetically determine breed composition and plan exercise or play activities that cater your dog’s natural tendencies, also you can customize your dog’s diet and nutrition based on its breed’s specific needs.

Wisdom DNA database library has over 170 identifiable breeds, however, you need to understand that if your dog is resulted from other mixed breed parents as well as grandparents (like many shelter dogs), this DNA test result is going to be diluted. We suggest that you go with low expectations and get ready to received unexpected answer (not all white dogs with some black spots are Dalmatian mix). If you are not satisfied with the result from Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit, you can always contact the customer support which offers pretty great services.

Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit

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Adorable 2012 Dogs of Method Calendar : Buy This For A Good Cause!

This calendar is not pet supplies, but as dog lovers, we have to let other fellow dog lovers about adorable 2012 Dogs of Method Calendar. Method has brilliantly captured unique personalities of the dogs who accompany their owners into Method’s Studios. Each calendar has been designed with double perforations on teach page, thus allowing you to do a bit customization on your calendar. Just in case you love the expression of the dog at that month, you can just tear off the bottom perforation to change the month without having to change the dog picture. Smart design huh? In fact, you can keep the picture by tearing both perforations.

2012 Dogs of Method Calendar

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“Quintetto” Delivers Beautiful Live Concert by Fishes

Fishes can create beautiful symphony just by their casual movements. “Quintetto” is an installation based on the study of casual movement of living creatures used as input for the production of sounds. There’s computer software that translates the vertical movements of these 5 fishes. The video camera captures the movements which then sent to the software that produce those movements into digital sound signals. The concept is to reveal invisible concerts of everyday life. Watch the video and get ready to be amazed by a beautiful live concert.

The installation was born with the collaboration of the Aesop studio. In 2009 Quintetto wins the third prize at the “International contemporary art prize-Celesteprize” – Berlin.

PooPrints Canine DNA System

PooPrints Canine DNA System is your modern Sherlock Holmes. Have you ever found unwanted doggy droppings around your house or apartment? It’s really annoying to have to clean up other dog’s waste because the real owner fails to do so. Now, canine DNA can be used to identify the culprits who don’t clean up after their pets. A sample of dog’s DNA can be taken by rubbing a cotton swab around inside the animal’s mouth which then sent to BioPet Vet Lab, a Knoxville, Tenn. This company will then enter the data into worldwide database.

PooPrints Canine DNA System

The next time you find those un-scooped piles, you can take a sample and mail it to the company to identify the offending owner. The PooPrints system costs $29.99 for the swabbing kit, $10 for a vial to hold the samples and $50 to analyze them, which usually takes a week or two. The company claimed that they have received about 2 dozen apartment complexes around the country application for the service. I guess PooPrints Canine DNA system is like FBI DNA database in mini scale.

[PooPrints] via [NYTimes]

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