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PetPace Pet Health Monitor Smart Collar Tracks Your Pet’s Vitals Wirelessly

We have smartphone that monitors our health and well-being, what if I told you, your pet can also have its own smart collar that does the same? PetPace is a pet health monitor smart collar that helps improve your pet’s health by tracking its vitals wirelessly via physical and behavioral parameters.

Your furry companion doesn’t talk to you or complain, the only thing you know there’s something wrong is by paying attention to any changes in their behaviors. This little device helps you to pay closer attention, it tracks your dog’s/cat’s vitals such as pulse, temperature, activities, respiration, positions, and many more. It has the ability to send alerts to the pet owners as well as veterinarians, so yes, it’s the only pet monitor in the market that allows you to collaborate with your vet. You can share your pet’s health information to get the best possible care.

PetPace Pet Health Monitor Smart Collar

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Feliway Plug-In Diffuser with 48-milliliters Bottle to Soothe Your Cat In A New Environment

This Feliway Plug-In Diffuser comes with 48 milliliters bottle to help your cat deal with stress. When you adopt a cat from completely different environment, sometimes, the cat just can’t cope with its new environment. This state of mind can lead to cry all night, vomit, fear and any other medical or physiological issues. Feliway emits cat’s natural pheromones to help your cat feel relax, these pheromones are usually used by cats to mark their territory as secure or safe.

Feliway Plug-In Diffuser with Bottle

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Learn How to Stop Cat from Urinating on Carpet

How to Stop Cat from Urinating on Carpet Life is full of challenges and nothing could be more challenging than fixing the destination for your cat’s litter at a place, yes, in this article, we’re going to discuss about How to Stop Cat from Urinating on Carpet. The most common, but undesirable place where cat often does urine, is your carpet. It may occur due to a wrong habit or ill health. The foremost thing, which you need to do, is to take them to a vet for a check up to top him for doing pee in your most favorite carpet. You have to be sure that his habit of peeing on the carpet is not guided by any medical problem, which is most common among male member of this section. It can be harmful for them as there may be a blockage created in his urethra part. It can be life killing too. It can be prohibited by taking him to vet at right time.

If you ask your vet how to stop cat from urinating on carpet, well, the most common reply from vet is to ask question whether an adequate amount of fresh water is supplied to your cat or not. Alike human, animals also require the proper supply of fluids in order to run their digestive system properly. Doing pee on the carpet could be a media by which he is trying to dictate that something is wrong with him. Never give a close ear to all this and try to help your pet as and when required. Cats are often described as a clean animal and are not in a practice of doing pee at abnormal places. Under any kind of normal scenario, cats use their litter box.

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Innotek SSSCAT Cat Training Aid : Train Your Cats To Stay Away from Restricted Areas

If you are having trouble to keep your cat away from restricted areas in your house, perhaps Innotek SSSCAT Cat Training Aid can help. This tool has built-in motion detector which is activated every time your cat comes near and automatically releases harmless non-toxic spray to keep cat away. Based on a customer experience, even a very bad cat after a few encounters understands that he’s not supposed to be near the area. You might want to keep your cat stay away from countertop or dining room table or a fishbowl. This training aid requires 4 AAA batteries which unfortunately not included within each purchase.

Innotek SSSCAT Cat Training Aid

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