Wizdog Indoor Dog Potty : Plastic Indoor Housetraining System

Both of you and your dog will appreciate Wizdog indoor dog potty. It’s a smart tool to use to potty train your dog, especially when you don’t have backyard. Similar to UGODog indoor dog potty, it works by channeling the liquid waste through the grate to the bottom of the tray. The difference is, Wizdog is constructed from an industrial grade polyethylene plastic through thermal forming process while UGODOG is made using an injection molding process. It consists of a plastic tray with removable grate on top, if you prefer, you can also choose to purchase a complete Wizdog starter kit.

Wizdog Indoor Dog Potty

Due to its design, Wizdog prevents dog’s paws from coming in contact with the urine, even the solid waste is easy to dispose, all you need to do is lift and flip the grate. If you want to save your money, you should consider this product since there’s no need to purchase litter refill anymore, you can place newspaper or training pads on the tray to absorb the urine.

Based on the company website, each Wizdog weighs approximately 3 lbs while each grid cell measures approx 5/8″ square and 1/2″ deep. However, we also found a negative review related to the inconsistent grid dimension which leads to the grid loosely fits inside. You might want to confirm this and make sure the merchant where you’re going to buy this unit offers money back guaranteed.

Wizdog Indoor Dog Potty

On the other hand, if you know how to make Wizdog indoor dog potty works, it’s a life saver. You can combine 2 wizdog trays to accommodate a larger area for your dog. Adding a fake grass mat could be a great extra touch, but remember to also drill holes in the bottom to drain the liquid.

Wizdog Indoor Dog Potty

Since it’s made from plastic, we don’t recommend to use Wizdog indoor dog potty outdoor regardless what you heard from other people.

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