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Pioneer Fountain Big Max Stainless Steel Features Silent Pump and Dishwasher Safe

Pets are always interested in moving water, it helps them drink more, that’s why we would like to recommend Pioneer Fountain Big Max Stainless Steel. Its circulating drinking water will look really appealing to your dog or cat, drinking more water helps keep your pet hydrated. The material used for this fountain water is stainless steel, in the past, you probably notice that most pet fountain was using plastic. This stylish stainless steel design fits any modern home décor, a bowl water for your dog or cat that you don’t need to hide.

Pioneer Fountain Big Max Stainless Steel

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First Nature Lantern Style Bird Bath and Waterer (3039) For Easy Cleaning and Refilling

Made in USA, First Nature Lantern Style Bird Bath and Waterer (3039) is an easy to clean birdbath and waterer that holds 100-ounces of water. It supplies all those wild birds with fresh water through its four pools. You can choose to hang this birdbath with included s-hook or mount it on 4×4 post (chain is not included), because every house backyard is different, therefore having this flexible option is a nice feature. Every week, you need to disassemble this birdbath for cleaning and refilling, simply remove the water reservoir, use soapy water and rinse, then fill it again with fresh cool water. Seriously, if your goal is to attract wild birds, then you should always provide clean, fresh water, otherwise your avian friends will not be interested to hangout at your house.

First Nature Lantern Style Bird Bath and Waterer (3039)

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Affordable Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain With Quiet Pump and Nice Adjustable Trickling Watery Sound

If you have read our Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain review and want to look something simpler due to limited space, you might want to consider Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain. It provides constant stream of water for your pet to encourage him or her to drink more as you know, drinking plenty of water is one of crucial points to keep your pet’s health. Somehow, pets are always attracted to water fountain, I guess the sound of trickling watering sound attracts not only birds but also dogs and cats.

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain features:

  • Patented 5” free-falling stream. This is the main feature that attracts your pets in the first place.
  • This fountain holds up to 50-ounces of flowing water to ensure your dog or cat gets plenty of water all the time.
  • Charcoal filter guarantees the water to be odorless and fresh. To maintain water from bad tastes, you need to replace the filter after sometime.

CLICK HERE to checkout this pet fountain. This product is great if you plan to place it against a wall instead of in the middle of the room due to limited space.

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

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Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain Encourages Your Pets to Drink More

Drinkwell 360 pet fountain provides continuing stream of water to keep your pet hydrated. The falling water stream encourages your pet to drink more, as you already know, drinking plenty of water is important for your health as well as your pet’s health. This unit has been carefully designed with the multiple-pet households in mind, thus resulting pet fountain with rubber feet and five interchangeable spout rings that the pet owners can use to customize the speed and the angle of this water fountain. Your pets don’t have to wait longer for their turn to drink, they all can have their fresh flowing water from any angle.

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

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PetSafe Pet Food and Water Station System with Removable Stainless Steel Bowl

Keep your pet hydrated by providing plenty of water next to him even when you are away with the help from PetSafe Pet Food and Water Station System. You can also choose to use this product as pet feeder. This product comes with removable stainless steel bowl to serve the fresh and clean water/food to the pet. Just in case you couldn’t come back home in time, you can be sure your pet at home still has the freedom to access water and food anytime he wants it.

PetSafe Pet Food and Water Station System with Stainless Steel Bowl

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