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Super Pet Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer for Small Animals Leaves Smooth Nails With No Sharp Edges

Trimming small pet’s nails can be difficult without the proper tool, that’s why Super Pet Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer is a big help. This trimmer offers an easy way to cut nails of your guinea pigs or ferrets, no more breaking and snagging, nice little tool. Please don’t cut your pet’s nails using scissors, we can assure you that it’s a very bad idea. Measures 2-1/2-Inch long, 3-1/4-inch wide, 6-1/4-inch high, this trimmer can be too small if you have big hands, perhaps you can ask your friend who has small fingers to finish the job.

Super Pet Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer delivers smooth nails and no sharp edges, if you own small animals as your pets, then you should have this tool in the house.

Super Pet Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer

Hydroponics as Hobby? You need HM Digital COM-100 Meter

When you practice hydroponics as hobby, you will need the proper tool measure EC and TDS temp. HM Digital COM-100 Meter is a waterproof meter to help you measure EC to keep it from burning your plants. This little tool is also pretty handy to test water quality for different purposes such as wastewater regulation, scientific testing, water purification or maybe colloidal silver. Although this meter seems to feature many calibration options (KCI, 442TM, NaCl), you might not need to read the instructions as the result is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Dip it in the water, it gives you instant reading.

HM Digital COM-100 Meter

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