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Kitty Cactus Scratch Post with Pom Pom Is Ideal Post to Keep Your Cat Busy

Kitty Cactus Scratch Post with Pom Pom is a great scratching post instead of your precious furniture. Entice your cat with cat nip, this durable and attractive scratch post can handle a rough play, both of you and your cat will love it. It satisfies your cat natural instinct to scratch, available in a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit your cat’s height and your budget as well. This model measures 10-1/2-inch width by 11-inch depth by 16-inch height, it’s ideal to keep your kitty active for hours, a great way to make your cat exercise. The post is covered with long lasting carpet and with its durable construction, it lasts for years.

Kitty Cactus Scratch Post with Pom Pom

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Super Pet Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer for Small Animals Leaves Smooth Nails With No Sharp Edges

Trimming small pet’s nails can be difficult without the proper tool, that’s why Super Pet Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer is a big help. This trimmer offers an easy way to cut nails of your guinea pigs or ferrets, no more breaking and snagging, nice little tool. Please don’t cut your pet’s nails using scissors, we can assure you that it’s a very bad idea. Measures 2-1/2-Inch long, 3-1/4-inch wide, 6-1/4-inch high, this trimmer can be too small if you have big hands, perhaps you can ask your friend who has small fingers to finish the job.

Super Pet Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer delivers smooth nails and no sharp edges, if you own small animals as your pets, then you should have this tool in the house.

Super Pet Small Animal Pro-Nail Trimmer

Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter with Carbon Plus Holds Nasty Odor Very Well

Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter offers your cat premium blend of natural minerals and clays, fragrance free with maximum clumping power. It holds any bad odor better than other mass marketed cat litter brands, yes it can be a bit pricey but once you try this product, it’s really hard to go with other brands. Since it uses only natural clay, your cat will love it, and you would love the fact that this litter makes your life easier. Watch as your cat urinates on it, this litter will form tight and hard clump wait for you to scoop it out from the litter box, even after a few days, it won’t turn to sludge.

Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter with Carbon Plus

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Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel : A Tunnel That Makes Funny Crinkle Sound When Explored

Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel creates unique crinkle sound as your rabbits, ferrets or guinea pigs explore the tunnel. Your bunnies would love this new toy since rabbits do make tunnels in the wild, it’s a lot of fun for them. This expandable tunnel stretches up to 23-inch long and between the fabric layer, it has crinkle material, yes, this is the material that makes unique funny sound. The diameter is only 6-inch, we don’t recommend you to use this tunnel for dwarf rabbit, we don’t think the rabbit can fit in it.

Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel

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IRIS Plastic Pet Pen (CI-604) Provides Safe and Spacious Area For Your Pets to Play Indoor and Outdoor

Keep your pet safe indoor or outdoor using IRIS Plastic Pet Pen (CI-604). It’s a safe enclosure for your pets constructed from commercial-grade plastic, perfect way to let your dog play under the sun or just temporarily keep your dog in certain area of the house. This pet arrives in parts but it’s really easy to assemble, you’ll be glad to have this pen. There are 2 models: 4-panel and 8-panel, if your pet is small, we consider the 4-interlocking panels would be sufficient as it provides 36 x 36 inches space for your little furry friend to rest and play. Double steel door latch ensures your pet safe inside. For outdoor use, the panel connectors that look like spikes can be used to keep the pen secure on the ground.

IRIS plastic pet pen

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eCotrition Snak Shak Natural Hideaway Is 100% Edible House

eCotrition Snak Shak house is going to be your small pets favorite hide away. It’s completely 100% edible house since it’s made with fresh alfalfa and tasty golden honey, basically it’s a delicious treat and a house. The company says that you’ll get 3-in-1 benefits from the house, while the roof house pieces provide a fun play environment, it is also a great treat and promotes healthy and natural chewing instinct.

eCotrition Snak Shak Natural Hideaway

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Hydor Mini Aquarium Heater For Small Fish Tank or Mini Aquarium

If you keep tropical fish in a small tank or mini aquarium, you would need Hydor mini aquarium heater. This 7.5 watt heater will keep the water temperature inside the aquarium warm. Once you put the heater inside the fish tank, it won’t drastically change the water temperature; it will only increase by few degrees at a time so your fish can adjust.

Hydor Mini Aquarium Heater

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Don’t Nail Your Ceiling, Just Use Prevue Pet Quad-Pod 4 Legged Cage Stand

If you don’t like the idea to put nail your ceiling to hang the bird cage, you might want to consider Prevue Pet Quad-Pod 4 legged cage stand. This unit can be used to hang a cage up to 24 in. wide and 40 in. long, unless you have a very big bird cage, this product should be enough to hold small to medium sized cage. The 4-leg support and the tubular steel stand are strong enough to hold many different bird cages. If you check the cage stand in your local pet stores, you might find that this one is more expensive. We suggest that you make comparison of the quality since many people agree that this product looks the same but has much better quality.

Prevue Pet Quad-Pod 4 Legged Cage Stand

You can place this stand on the corner of the room or any room since it is easy to move around without having to put another hole on your ceiling. We suggest you not to use it for oversized bird cage, we are afraid it might tip over.

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