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Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit Identifies Your Mystery Mutt’s Breed

You probably wonder why you would need to test your dog’s mixed breed DNA, well actually it can give you better training plan and behavior understanding. Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit is very useful when you need to create more targeted behavior training for your dog because each pedigree dog breed has its own characteristic and personality. In this way, you can genetically determine breed composition and plan exercise or play activities that cater your dog’s natural tendencies, also you can customize your dog’s diet and nutrition based on its breed’s specific needs.

Wisdom DNA database library has over 170 identifiable breeds, however, you need to understand that if your dog is resulted from other mixed breed parents as well as grandparents (like many shelter dogs), this DNA test result is going to be diluted. We suggest that you go with low expectations and get ready to received unexpected answer (not all white dogs with some black spots are Dalmatian mix). If you are not satisfied with the result from Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit, you can always contact the customer support which offers pretty great services.

Wisdom Panel Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit

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