Songbird Essentials All Weather Feeder Prevents Wet Seeds Through All Seasons

Songbird Essentials All Weather Feeder 6 QuartWatching birds in the morning is refreshing, we really love hearing them chirping while eating and hangout with friends. Birdsong essentials All Weather Feeder is a 6-quart feeder that keeps the seeds dry through all seasons. When you love birds as much as we do, you should consider having this unit on your backyard or front porch.

Hate wet seeds? So do birds. That’s why this feeder features covered feeding port, in this way, the seeds stay dry from rain and keep away snow. You don’t need to worry about cleaning out wet and moldy seed. The circular perch design allows you to view birds while they are eating, even when you are on the far side, that perch also catches spilled seeds. It’s easy to clean, so you can be sure it won’t clog up with ice or snow in winter. This model has 2 options: 4Qt capacity and 6Qt capacity.

The parts are easy to dissemble, thus making it easy to clean. Birds can plug the seed one by one through the narrow gap around the body, those birds are also protected from the rain while standing on the bottom shelf.

There are some customers that recommend you to use black oil sunflower seeds, the size is perfect for the gap, other seeds are usually too big to go through it. Little birds can enjoy eating at the same time, you’ll get to see finches, cardinals, or bluejays hangout together on the feeder. You might think it’s really expensive, but for bird lovers, it’s worth every penny.

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