Shake Portable Dog Potty : Easy to Clean and Easy to Carry Anywhere!

Shake portable dog potty has come to the rescue, it’s a sleek and easy to clean dog potty that you can carry anywhere with you. The unique name was inspired by the unique way of cleaning, all you need to do is simply seal it shut, add some water, shake it well, and empty!

There are times when you don’t have the time for morning walk or stuck in a meeting the whole afternoon. You can relax knowing Shake is there to take care your dog. The design is modern enough that you can leave it out in the living room and it folds for easy storage or easy to carry wherever you go.

Shake Portable Dog Potty by Modko

Lie this dog potty flat on the floor, the rubber base keep it from sliding or shifting, therefore, you will find no scratches on your floor.

Shake Portable Dog Potty by Modko

Even when you don’t have bathtub or garden hose, you can easily fill Shake from your sink faucet, uncap the oversized fill hole, add water, shake and empty. Smart design heh? It’s very handy when you have to travel somewhere with your dog, you don’t have to worry if there’s no place to empty it, simply fold it up and empty when convenient. The octagonal holes on the surface prevent any splash-back to the minimum, below the grates, there are pitched wells that direct liquid to the center and trapped in sealed chambers, in this way, you can close it without any spill.

Shake Portable Dog Potty by Modko

Shake Portable Dog Potty by Modko

Shake Portable Dog Potty by Modko

From : Modka

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