Pet Stain and Odor Terminator Features 3 in 1 Custom Pet Enzyme Formula to Clean Nasty Stains and Odor

Do you have bad stain on the carpet thanks to your furry friend? Well, you might need the help of Bubba’s Rowdy Friends Pet Supply Company Pet Stain and Odor Terminator. The company claims that this stain remover is approved by veterinarian and highly recommended to use to clean after your pet. It is safe, cruelty free, and has been proven to remove toughest stains and odors out of your beautiful carpet.

The founders of this product have 2 large breed dogs, they are English Mastiff and Newfoundland, you can imagine the mess and smell when they pee on the carpet. Over the years, these pet owners had tried many different brands of stain cleaner and odor removal products, however, the result didn’t give them satisfaction, so they made it their mission to create and manufacture the pet odor eliminator that really works and of course, clean the urine stain as well.

Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Supply Company Pet Stain and Odor Terminator

What makes this stain remover and urine eliminator great? Well, the formula of course. It features 3 in 1 custom pet enzyme formula that works great to get rid of those bad stains and nasty odors, the secret formula inside this product attacks the stains heavily once they are in contact. Most pet cleaner products in the market use specific bacterial to fight the odor and stains, however, these bacteria die in the bottle when you keep it for too long in your cabinet, making it ineffective.

Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Supply Company Pet Stain and Odor TerminatorWarning: it is highly recommended that you test this product on hidden small area of your carpet before spraying like crazy to the entire stain. If you notice color appears on the cloth, you have to stop using it. If it doesn’t show any weird color, you can continue but please remove any excess surface solids before cleaning or use a towel to soak up any excess pet urine before you start.

Many customers have tried different brands to clean their carpets, even professional carpet cleaners, but nothing works until they try Bubba’s Rowdy Friends Pet Supply Company Pet Stain and Odor Terminator. When the smell of your pet’s urine is overwhelming, it keeps your friends and family stay away from your home, this product can be a relationship saver. This product does wonder and even beyond your expectation, we recommend that you try the spray and if it works well for your carpet, you should get the gallon version for cheaper prize.

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