Marineland Eclipse Aquarium System Features Bio-Wheel 3-Stage Filtration System For Crystal Clear and Healthy Water

Marineland Eclipse aquarium system features BIO-wheel 3-stage filtration system that means creating a healthy environment for your fish and plants doesn’t have to deal with valves, tubing, hoses, or noisy pumps. There are 3 different sizes available, from 3-gallon, 5-gallon hex shaped aquarium, to 12-gallon, you can choose the size that fits your space best. This aquarium has been designed to hide the filtration and lighting system under the hood, this plastic aquarium weights only half the weight of glass. You can have a beautiful 360-degree panoramic view into the aquarium, the fluorescent lamp highlights the beautiful colors of your underwater world.

Marineland Eclipse Aquarium System

To setup Marineland Eclipse aquarium system, please make sure that you read the quick setup guide. It walks you step by step (with pictures and directions) through the whole process, it might look pretty confusing at first, just follow the guide in the pictures, you’ll good to go. When it’s done, all you need to do is adding water, the fish and décor.

Marineland Eclipse Aquarium System

The unique BIO-wheel 3-stage filtration system offers effective filtration technology to grow the beneficial bacteria that is needed for biological filtration. The great thing about this filtration system is that you don’t need to replace unless it’s damaged. You just need to replace the Rite-Size filter cartridge every month (it depends on how many fish you have in the tank) and 25% water change, that’s it. This filter is responsible for mechanical and chemical filtration to make sure your fish and plants get crystal clear and healthy water. It screens out the dirt, debris, and removing odors. You don’t have to worry about getting your hands wet, since all filtration media is located at the top portion of Marineland Eclipse aquarium system. The overall system provides maintenance-free aquarium, making it ideal for beginners or part time enthusiasts.

For starter, we recommend you to buy some gravel, plants, or a small décor for the fish to hide. You can choose to get the plastic plants or live plants from your local pet store. It’s better if you could also get a heater, since tropical fish usually like the water temperature to be constant and warm. You can let the aquarium run with the heater for a few days to get stable temperature, before adding a small fish. You should only add small fish, because even with 12-gallon Marineland Eclipse aquarium system, bigger fish won’t be able to swim freely.

Where to buy Marineland Eclipse Aquarium System?
Thatpetplace (5-gallon)

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