K&H Thermo Perch Provides Therapeutic Warmth For Exotic Bird

During colder weather, you can provide some warmth to your bird using K&H Thermo Perch. Install this on the cage to offer a gentle source of warmth through the bird’s feet. This should be useful when you place your bird in a room with cold air conditioning, especially for exotic birds. Unlike heat lamps, this unit won’t get too hot or dry out feathers as it offers therapeutic warmth only when your bird needs it. Do you know that constant light in the cage from heat lamp can cause sleeping disorders to the bird?

K&H Thermo Perch for birds

There are 3 different sizes available from small to large, you can choose which size fits the cage best. K&H Thermo Perch is made of sturdy scratch and bite resistant non-toxic plastic that can be attached easily to wire cages. If you own an exotic bird, you need to understand that cold is a major contributor to health its health problems, that’s why most veterinarians would recommend you to provide warmth as the first step to take care health-troubled bird. In case you didn’t know, birds can hide sickness very well, therefore, by the time you notice that your bird is sick, it could be too late. Based on a happy customer review, after using this thermal perch, the bird has become calmer with less screaming.

K&H Thermo Perch is thermostatically controlled to help them safely regulate their body temperature, thus allowing your bird to pic the spot that provides the warmth it needs. Don’t worry about the cord as it is protected with steel wire and positioned away from the cage.

Where to buy K&H Thermo Perch?

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