Kaytee Platime Activity Center Features 6 Adjustable Perches and Variety Toys

Kaytee Platime Activity Center is a nice portable playground for your avian friends such as parakeets or cockatiels. It’s an ideal entertainment spot when your bird is having “out of cage” playtime, you can set this up on your desk or table top, you can also choose to hang it on a ceiling to save some space. When fully assembled, this unit dimensions are 17” in diameter with 15.75” height, it promotes healthy exercise while encouraging great interaction between you and your lovely pet bird.

The center post holds 6 adjustable perches, it comes with variety toys, food, and water cups. Those multiple attachment points have been designed for any other pod toys and accessories. To make it easier, chain and ceiling guard are included within each purchase so that you can create a hanging activity center to save some space.

Kaytee Platime Activity Center for Parakeets and Cockatiels

We’re pretty sure your avian friends would love this thing, they can hops from one perch to another, playing with all those colorful toys. Even though this unit comes in parts, they are very easy to put together, even the perches feel pretty sturdy. You can also use this activity center as a little bathtub for your bird by putting some water in the bottom.

Where to buy Kaytee Platime Activity Center?

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