IRIS Plastic Pet Pen (CI-604) Provides Safe and Spacious Area For Your Pets to Play Indoor and Outdoor

Keep your pet safe indoor or outdoor using IRIS Plastic Pet Pen (CI-604). It’s a safe enclosure for your pets constructed from commercial-grade plastic, perfect way to let your dog play under the sun or just temporarily keep your dog in certain area of the house. This pet arrives in parts but it’s really easy to assemble, you’ll be glad to have this pen. There are 2 models: 4-panel and 8-panel, if your pet is small, we consider the 4-interlocking panels would be sufficient as it provides 36 x 36 inches space for your little furry friend to rest and play. Double steel door latch ensures your pet safe inside. For outdoor use, the panel connectors that look like spikes can be used to keep the pen secure on the ground.

IRIS plastic pet pen

Unlike other kennels, this product is roomy, open, sturdy and lightweight, you might want to use it to keep your pet away from dangerous area in the house such as the kitchen when you’re cooking for dinner. This IRIS Plastic Pet Pen is also a great container for you who work all day long, you can keep your best pal in a controlled area to prevent any accidents. If you prefer the 8-panel (CI-908), we’re pretty sure you can also place your dog bed, blankets, or any other toys. Just remember to always provide plenty of water and food as the dog doesn’t have any access to it when he’s in this pet pen. You can also customize the shape of this pen based on the area in the house, not necessarily has to be in hexagonal shape, in fact you can link multiple pens to create larger area for your dogs or kittens.

IRIS plastic pet pen

We suggest that you line the bottom of IRIS Plastic Pet Pen with some waterproof fabric for easy maintenance, this is way much better alternative than keeping your dog in a bathroom.

Where to buy IRIS Plastic Pet Pen CI-604?

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