Indipets Stainless Steel Slow Eating Dish Bowl Features No-Skid Rubber Base to Prevent Tipping

If you wonder why Indipets stainless steel slow eating dish bowl has weird design, well some big dogs can eat extremely fast as if it was their last meal. Eating too fast might increase the risk of bloat which could be life threatening. Sometimes when your dog eats too fast, there’s possibility that the dog swallows so much air that they vomit. Taking care your pet also means that you need to take care the way they eat. Previously we have featured metal brake-fast dog food bowl to help your dog slowing down when eating, this bowl has been designed to intentionally slide on the floor to further slow down your dog. If you prefer to find dog bowl with rubber base, then you should purchase Indipets stainless steel slow eating dish bowl.

Indipets Stainless Steel Slow Eating Dish Bowl

Similar to brake-fast dog bowl, Indipets bowl also has a raised center circle to force your dog to eat around the outside which mean slowing down the eating process. It’s actually good for the dog’s digestion system. Since it’s been designed with no-skid rubber base, at least your dog won’t be able to tip the bowl. If your dog usually needs only 30 seconds to finish its food, using this bowl, your dog probably needs around 1.5 – 2 minutes.

The first time using Indipets stainless steel slow eating dish bowl, you probably find the mess around this bowl as your dog learns how to eat out of it. You can use a towel or flat plastic under the bowl to catch the fallen food. Aside from highly functional, this dog bowl also provides sleek and stylish look. The matt outside finish is scratch resistant while the high gloss inside finish is very easy to clean.

Designed to last for years, Indipets stainless steel slow eating dish bowl promotes slow eating for better digestion for your dog, it’s bacteria, scratch and rust resistant.

From : Indipets Inc [Buy it here]

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