Hydor Mini Aquarium Heater For Small Fish Tank or Mini Aquarium

If you keep tropical fish in a small tank or mini aquarium, you would need Hydor mini aquarium heater. This 7.5 watt heater will keep the water temperature inside the aquarium warm. Once you put the heater inside the fish tank, it won’t drastically change the water temperature; it will only increase by few degrees at a time so your fish can adjust.

Hydor Mini Aquarium Heater

The flat and compact design gives you the advantage of putting this device under the gravel where it can’t be seen. Hydor mini aquarium heater works great in 5-gallon tank, however for smaller fish tank such as 1-gallon tank, you should watch closely to make sure this heater won’t turn the water too hot. Other condition that might affect the water temperature is the room temperature where the aquarium is placed. You might want to consider purchasing a thermometer to measure the water temperature. We recommend that you turn off the heater during summer. It might not a sophisticated heater, but it does the job very well.

Where to buy Hydor Mini Aquarium Heater

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